6 Top Tips for Wellbeing by Niamh Cullen 

Niamh Cullen is a #TeamKinetica ambassador and fitness coach who is passionate about wellness and positivity. She shares her 6 top tips on how to ensure you’re doing everything you can to feel your best. From having a solid morning routine to trying something new, there is no doubt that something on this list can help you to get the most from each day! 

1. Morning Routine

My morning routine is non-negotiable. Every morning I wake up at the same time and I must allow myself time before I start my day, which includes waking up, not looking at my phone, and having a pint of warm water & lemon. I step outside for 2 minutes, breathe in the morning air, then I might do some breathing exercises or meditate for 7 minutes. I tell myself always no matter the mood I wake up in, that I am capable, and I will put my best foot forward. I also exercise every morning as I think it's such a great way to start your day before it even begins.

2. Sleep

Sleep, especially good quality sleep, is so important as it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. It helps to improve your memory, concentration and productivity. I used to be terrible being on my phone late at night, watching something late, feeling a little wired and not falling asleep until 12/1am. However, now I allow myself the wind down time before bed, no phones, no distractions, and I have seen such a difference in my mood and athletic performances due to a couple of small changes before bedtime.

3. Hydration and nourishment

Being hydrated is important for performance as well as being vital for organs such as the brain, kidneys and liver. If you struggle to remain hydrated, set water reminders on your phone. Make sure you eat enough quality food to fuel your training sessions and help with your recovery. A good diet will have the key nutrients like vitamins that will help nourish your body and allow it to function optimally. 

4. Self-care priorities

I have weekly and daily self-care basics. It is so important that each day we prioritise self-care, whether that's reading a book, listening to a podcast, having a bath, meeting a friend, watching your favourite tv show, doing your tan, or booking a glam appointment!

5. Movement goals

Movement can be anything that involves just getting up and moving. Each week I will always set myself movement goals, from a class to a run, to a big hike, whilst making sure I get my steps in each day too. I always ensure that my movement goals are reached. Exercise boosts energy, and most importantly improves your mood by getting those endorphins high! It can also be a great opportunity to get social and have fun.

6. Do something new

I always try something new, be it trying a new coffee shop, a new recipe, changing up my run location or trying out a new activity. Make a habit of trying new things and you will never get bored!