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Kinetica FAQ

What is a sports nutrition supplement?

A sports nutrition supplement is suitable for elite athletes through to the everyday, active consumer. It can come in a variety of formats such as powder, capsule or liquid and is added to a person’s diet to enhance their nutrition and thus improve their training and performance.

What is Kinetica?

Kinetica is an Irish sports nutrition brand

How old is Kinetica?

Kinetica was founded in Ireland in 2009 and developed in consultation with Elite Athletes and Nutritionists to ensure Kinetica products truly deliver on performance.

Where in Ireland is Kinetica based?

Kinetica Sports is part of Boyne Valley Group, and is based in Drogheda, Co Meath.

Is Kinetica in any other International markets?

Kinetica is currently in the UK and will be entering Germany, the UAE and India in the coming 12 months.

What stores are Kinetica products available in?

Republic of Ireland: SuperValu, Centra (Limited range only), Applegreen (Limited range only), Discount Supplements, MyCore supplements

Northern Ireland: Performance Nutrition Plus

Is every product of Irish heritage?

Not every product is manufactured in Ireland. Several products that feature as part of our convenience range are sourced from within the EU.

What makes the Kinetica product range different?

  • The Kinetica product range is backed by science and as minimally processed as possible, meaning less ingredients and greater quality end products.
  • Product safety is always our number one priority. We take your reputation as seriously as we do our own. Every batch is tested to comply to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) exacting standards.
  • We partner with Informed Sports across a range of our key products to ensure our certified products are safer for athletes. Informed Sports independently test batches for banned substances before being released to market.
  • We are members of ESSNA (the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance) and our products comply with best practice – conveying only the necessary information, without any outlandish claims.
  • Our powder products contain only natural colours and flavours and we use Whey from grass fed cows.
  • We work with internationally respected nutritionists to develop new products. We only ever include an ingredient if it has a beneficial effect, we don’t include ingredients to mask poor quality.

How does the testing process work?


Every single batch of product is tested externally and then undergoes quality control processes in the Kinetica manufacturing plant. This is to ensure that our protein, flavour, colour, texture, microbiological organisms are drug screened to meet the ISO 17025 standards to ensure a safe and dependable sports nutrition range. This means;

  • No banned substances are included in any of our products
  • Food safety - all products are completely regulated
  • No unsubstantiated claims, all nutritional information is 100% guaranteed and regulated by a strong quality control process
  • Informed Sport
  • The majority of the range has also undergone the Informed Sport testing regime, which is a supplement testing and certification programme which provides assurance to athletes that products carrying the Informed Sport mark have been regularly tested for prohibited substances and manufactured to high quality standards. Kinetica has made this part of the existing quality assurance systems to ensure our products are safer for athletes to use

 Does the Kinetica range include vegan products?

Yes, we cater to a broad range of dietary restrictions and preferences:


Zinc mag +

Energy gels

    • Electrolyte solutions

Does the Kinetica range include gluten-free products?

Yes, the majority of the range is gluten-free. The only products that should be avoided are: