Top 10 Running Tips from Ian Cairns from #TeamKinetica

1. Invest

Invest in a good pair of runners. Ideally go to a running store and get fitted. The difference running in a good pair of shoes makes is massive! Especially if you’re only new to running and need some support. You get what you pay for! You will also be far more incentivised to go for a run in your new shoes.


2. Commitment 

Commit to 3 months. Don’t set any massive goals at first. Results take time. Your first few runs might not even feel great as your body will still be adjusting. Just try to get out the door for 3 runs a week. yo
u could sign up for a race which might put pressure on you for the wrong reasons, trying too much too soon and giving up. Just commit to running 3 times a week. Find that 45-minute slot in your day to do it. You’ve got the time!


3. Time Yourself 

Timing your runs with a watch is a great way to see actual improvements. Improvements can happen so gradually at times that you could be improving without ever knowing it and you might give up. You are always improving, timing your runs will confirm this and give you the motivation to keep going! Treat running like a game, compete with yourself. Time your local route and watch yourself set PB’s!


4. Run Early 

Try and get your runs done early, and out of the way first. If you leave it too late in the day, there is more of a chance that something will come up and bump your run out till evening time or pushed to another day and add pressure to the rest of your week. An early run will energise you for the day ahead. A great way to start your day!


5. Start Slow 

Start as slow as you want. Don’t run too hard too early. If you run too fast too soon, it will leave bad memories. You willl come in the front door from a run deterred and less likely to go out and run again. Even starting off at a slow pace, you will keep improving – baby steps! By the end of the month you will be running quick than you were at the start and all just by the repetition of running 3 times a week.


6. Plan Ahead 

Plan your week ahead. If there’s a day of biblical weather coming, move your dates and times for a run. You’ll find a window to run, there’s always a window to run!  Prepare everything the night before. Make the transition out the door as seamless as possible.  


7. Visualise 

Think about your runs days in advance. Visualise where you’re going and when you are going. The more you think about it, the more likely you will be to do it. it won’t spring up on you last minute, where you can make an excuse not to go. Do it!


8. No Regrets 

You never regret a run you did – NEVER!


9. Sleep 

Sleep matters. A good sleep makes getting out of bed all the easier. If you’re going to get up early for a run, go to bed early. Aim for those 8 hours! You’ll feel more rested and it aids recovery. Going to bed early 3 times a week = 3 better runs. Sleep is the easy part – it’s great!


10. Habits for life 

After a couple of months, you’ll be thinking less about where or how far you are going, and you will just be closing the door and out running. Not concerned about the distance or going too far. There’ll come a run when it just clicks, you’ll be running solid miles, the effort and recoveries will come easy to you. You’ll be hooked. Form some strong habits and you’ll start planning the weeks around your runs. Running doesn’t just improve your cardio, it elevates every other part of your life! And once you have it, you won’t want to lose it!