We have created an UNRIVALLED vegan protein powder range in our most popular flavours, Chocolate and Vanilla so that everyone can hit their protein targets, regardless of their dietary requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Plant Protein

What is Plant Protein Powder?

Plant protein powder is a supplement that is made from plant sources like, grains, seeds, vegetables and legumes.

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What are the Benefits of using Plant Protein Powder?

There are many benefits to taking Plant based protein, particularly if you follow a vegan diet or suffer with lactose intolerance. As protein is a key macronutrient for building and preserving lean muscle, consuming a plant protein shake can help ensure even distribution of protein over the course of the day, regardless of dietary restrictions.

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Who should use a Plant Protein Powder?

Anyone can consume plant protein powder. Generally, people following a vegan or plant-based diet or somebody that avoids dairy or is lactose intolerant would use plant protein powder.

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What does Plant Protein Powder taste like?

Plant protein powder is generally flavoured, like the Plant Protein range available from us in Kinetica, which is either in chocolate or vanilla flavour. As plant protein contains a mix of various proteins, this can alter the taste. We have worked hard to mask this so that our Plant Protein can stand shoulder to shoulder with our Whey range.

Is Plant-Based Protein Powder Better than Whey Protein?

Not better, but there are some differences between the two. Plant proteins tend to be low in one or more amino acids, but when you combine plant proteins, they become complete meaning they have all essential amino acids.

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Is Plant Protein a complete protein?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. As plant-protein powders are low in one or more of the amino acids, they are not considered complete. However, by combining two plant protein such as pea and rice, this ensures that they contain all the necessary amino acids to support muscle growth.

How to decide on the Best Plant Protein Powder to take?

It comes down to individual choice. It is important that the plant protein powder contains between 20g-30g of protein. Opting for a plant protein that contains a blend such as rice and pea means you will get all the amino acids required for supporting muscle growth.

Why should I choose Kinetica's Plant Protein Powder?

Available in either Vanilla or Chocolate flavour, each 30g scoop contains 23g of protein. As leucine is an important amino acid for muscle growth, there is 2.33g of leucine per scoop in the Vanilla Plant Protein option and 2.13g in the Chocolate Plant Protein flavour

Kinetica Plant Protein is tested to comply to WADA exacting standards under the Informed Sport testing regime. Product safety is always our number one priority.