What are the Benefits of Whey Protein: Uncovering the Power of Whey

Top 5 Benefits of Whey Protein

1. Feeling Fuller for Longer

2. Muscle Recovery & Repair

3. Lean Muscle Mass Growth/ Maintenance

4. Can Improve Sleep Quality

5. Added Health & Wellness Benefits


What is whey? 

Whey is the naturally occurring liquid component of milk. For thousands of years, cheesemakers separated milk into liquid and curds but discarded the watery substance. It is thought that during the time of Hippocrates in Ancient Greece that the value of whey in human health was first realised, along with its apparent links to a stronger immune system.  

In the years that followed, the protein derived from whey has been extensively researched and shown to promote muscle mass gains (especially during resistance training), spare the loss of muscle mass during times of calorific restriction, and reduce the rate of natural loss of muscle mass associated with ageing.(1) This has led to huge emphasis on whey protein as an exercise supplement for all participation levels. Not all sports nutrition descriptions emphasise, however, that whey protein’s uses are far from limited to those who wish to increase muscle size.


When & How Should You Consume Whey Protein? 

Whey protein products can be consumed in a variety of ways to best fit your exercise, work, and life schedule. Simply add a scoop to your porridge at breakfast, your smoothie at break time, or show off your Kinetica shaker with a simple whey and water/milk combination. You can even treat those at home by adding flavoured whey powders to your favourite recipes like pancakes, cookies, and brownies. While whey protein has been shown to be particularly effective at promoting muscle development when consumed in the periods directly before, during, or after your workout(1), recent studies have shown that the most important factor is actually total daily protein intake(2). This means you can have it whenever suits you best because we all know that no day is the same as yesterday.


1. Feel Fuller for Longer  

An attractive aspect of whey protein is its effect on fullness. Thanks to protein being the most satiating macronutrient when compared to carbohydrates and fats (6), it can increase fat loss and boost metabolic rate while preserving lean muscle mass.  

Incorporating a higher amount of protein into your diet can help curtail cravings and reduce late-night snacking. In short, whey protein makes you feel fuller for longer. Whey protein should be used as a supplement, however, and not a replacement for other foods, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet whilst using the product for maximum results.


2. Lean Muscle Mass Growth/ Maintenance 

Higher protein intake preserves lean mass and satiety. In fact, multiple scientific studies have discovered that those who regularly consume higher-protein diets are more likely to lose unwanted body fat, while also preserving lean muscle mass (10). Whey protein is significantly better than other proteins for greater gains in lean mass and greater muscle hypertrophy (11).


3. Recovery & Repair  

Whey protein provides the body with BCAAs, which replenishes decreased levels and repairs and rebuilds lean muscle tissue (11). Additionally, Kinetica whey protein is an excellent source of the essential amino acid, leucine. Leucine is important for athletes as it plays a key role in promoting muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth (11). The consumption of whey protein has been shown to result in faster muscle protein synthesis when compared to other proteins. This makes it more effective than other proteins for repairing exercise-related muscle damage, and for building bigger, stronger muscles! (11).

Kinetica Whey Protein powder


4. Can Improve Sleep Quality 

A top tip for those of us who find ourselves lying awake at night is to have your 1-2 scoops of Kinetica Whey Protein or Lean Active Protein before bed. Tryptophan, an important amino acid, which can be found in our whey proteins, breaks down in the body to serotonin which in turn becomes melatonin, a key ingredient in the process of falling asleep. We recommend taking your daily serving of these products before bed to both aid with sleep and also to prevent muscle breakdown overnight. Good sleep hygiene has been shown to have countless positive impacts in areas such as sporting performance, productivity at work, and mental health.


5. Added Health & Wellness Benefits of Whey Protein 

Whey protein consumption has been shown to have positive impacts on reducing high blood pressure, improving vascular health, and controlling blood sugars (7). Whey protein has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress by improving mood through increasing serotonin activity and reducing cortisol concentration in the brain (9). So next time you see someone about to pour the liquid sitting on top of their yoghurt down the sink after opening the lid, explain to them what it actually is, the benefits of whey protein, and why they should stir it back in.  


The key take home message is that whey protein is a convenient, efficient, and healthy way to add protein to your diet. Whether you’re competing internationally or exercising for fun with friends, it can improve your ability to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your workout on a regular basis.


How can Kinetica Help? 

At Kinetica we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have developed two whey protein products for our consumers which are low in sugar, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians.

Kinetica Whey Protein

Kinetica Lean Active Protein 

What’s the difference between Kinetica Whey Protein & Lean Active?

Kinetica Whey Protein is used by a wide range of athletes and weekend warriors who have their sights set on personal goals and for the everyday consumer that wants to optimise their overall health and wellbeing. Whether you’re training to maximise the distance per stroke in the pool, to increase the weight on the squat bar at the gym, or to move to the next level of difficulty at Pilates, whey protein promotes lean muscle strength and recovery to help you achieve your targets and reduce muscle wastage as you get older.


Kinetica Lean Active Protein is a specialised supplement designed to aid your overall weight management goals, boost protein levels, and help maintain lean muscle in conjunction with a healthy diet and training. Think of it like our famous Whey Protein but with a lower protein dosage as well as being lower in carbohydrate and calories. It’s also high in fibre to keep you fuller for longer and has green tea extract, for added wellness. While our Lean Active Protein is particularly popular amongst competitive athletes in weight-based sports like boxing or rowing, a large proportion of consumers use this supplement for their own individual weight objectives outside of competition.

At Kinetica, each and every whey product is batch tested within the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) framework to ensure we offer our consumers a safe and dependable sports nutrition product. Product safety is always our number one priority.


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