The 4 R's of Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of any exercise we do, especially when we want to ensure our best efforts every time. Here at Kinetica Sports, we believe in four key focus points when it comes to recovery: refuel, rebuild, rehydrate and rest. Check out this guide on how Kinetica could play a role in your recovery strategy. Don't let a lack of recovery slow you down! 


During exercise, your energy (glycogen) stores typically become depleted. If you are doing high-intensity training for long periods of time, you may lack energy, feel tired and be unable to perform at your best if your glycogen stores are not sufficient. Glycogen is the main source of energy in your body and can be found in carbohydrates (1). For athletes and those who regularly exercise who have diets that don’t contain enough carbohydrates, it is likely that their performance and recovery will be significantly impaired, as carbohydrates are the key fuel for the brain and for muscles during exercise.  


  • Kinetica Recovery powder was created with every athlete and active person in mind. Formulated specifically to meet the body's needs for muscle recovery, use it after exercise to repair your muscles and replenish your energy (glycogen) stores. Kinetica Sports recovery powders contain a mix of carbohydrates (to replenish depleted glycogen stores) and protein (to repair damaged muscles), in a ratio of 2:1 which is key for optimising recovery. 

  • Kinetica 100% Creatine is your training mate for high-intensity exercise. Trusted by soccer players, rugby players, track and field athletes, rowers, weightlifters and more, its superpower is its ability to help regenerate energy, FAST. Creatine promotes the transmission of energy within the cell structure in the form of creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate act as energy depots which help speed up the biodegradation of glucose, glycogen and fat, which release further energy into the body. 

  • Kinetica Energy is a fast-acting carb that helps you power past the hour! Take it during your workouts to keep your energy stores up and save you from feeling depleted when you’re done. Kinetica Energy powder includes a range of B Vitamins, which release energy from carbohydrates and help prevent fatigue. It works great with some of our other products – try mixing it with Kinetica Electrolytes or taking it with Kinetica 100% Creatine, which is better absorbed with carbohydrates. 

  • Kinetica's Oatgain range is formulated to assist with high energy demands, mass gain and calorie replenishment after intense workouts. It can be hard to eat the volume of food that’s sometime needed – that's where Kinetica Oatgain can help. Any high-octane activity means your body needs micro and macro nutrients to repair its muscles and replenish its energy. If you’re giving training everything you’ve got, give your body everything it needs. 



Did you know that when you work out, you damage your muscles? This damage is attributed to the stress you put on your muscles when you exercise, which causes tiny micro-tears of the muscle fibres (2). These micro-tears are necessary to grow muscle. The damage acts as a stimulus that triggers a response from the body to repair and rebuild the muscle. To do this, your body needs amino acids.

  • Kinetica Whey Protein can help you enhance your strength and performance, maintain or gain muscle, reduce muscle damage after intense training and even reduce muscle wastage as you get older. It is a ‘complete’ protein, meaning you are getting all nine essential amino acids at once, including branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These 9 essential amino acids are vital as they support tissue repair, protein synthesis and nutrient absorption. Kinetica Whey protein delivers 22 to 23 grams of protein per 30 gram-serving, so you’ll have met almost half your protein requirements for the day with just that one scoop. 

  • Kinetica Lean Active is used by athletes and actives who want to stay lean while upping their energy, strength and stamina. Think of it like our Whey Protein, but lighter on its feet. Lower in carbs and calories, Kinetica Lean Active is high in fibre to keep you fuller for longer. It’s also got green tea extract, for added wellness. 


Your body can lose a lot of fluid when you work out (as much as a litre or two an hour!), this is mainly through sweating (3). This means that you need to drink fluid before, during and after exercise to replace the fluids you’ve lost through sweat. Keeping hydrated reduces the risks of heatstroke, helps maintain normal body function as well as performance levels. The rule of thumb when it comes to hydration & exercise is that if you’re sweating, you need to be drinking fluids! When dehydration is greater than 2% of body weight, performance can be impaired, this is something you don’t want to happen.


  • Kinetica Electro-C electrolyte tablets, added to water, provides you with a zesty, refreshing, lemon flavoured drink that will quench your thirst, replace electrolytes lost through sweating and increase fluid retention – which keeps you hydrated! 


We all know how precious our zzzzzzz are! Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just an occasional exerciser, you need sleep to function and perform at your best. Sleep provides your body with the opportunity to rest and recover from the previous day. Getting enough rest after a workout strengthens your muscles and tissues, which can help you avoid tiredness and any exercise-related injuries (4). Get enough sleep to bring your recovery to the next level!


  • Kinetica Zinc Mag+ is a scientifically designed blend of zinc and magnesium to give your body the best nutrients before sleep, helping you to relax and switch off. Sleep is crucial for all areas of your life – it’s especially important for helping your body prepare for exercise and recover after it. 

 Now that we have walked through the 4 R's of Recovery, we want to see you, our Kinetica community, flourish! Tag us on Instagram @Kinetica_Sports so we can see your recovery and your overall performance progress. What works best for you? Let us know!  

 It’s also good to know that we work closely with nutritionists, external advisors and our consumers to constantly improve our products. We know how important quality is and every batch is tested to comply with WADA exacting standards. All Batch certificates can be easily found here.  

About the author  

S prunty

Seán is the Partnership Manager with Kinetica Sports. He has been working with Kinetica Sports since 2011 and is a qualified Performance Nutritionist.    

At the age of 17 he signed for Middlesbrough Football Club, followed by a short stint at Wigan Athletic. After returning to Ireland, he played with Longford Town Football Club for seven seasons and then with Drogheda United. However, due to a heart condition, he was forced to retire from football in 2008.    

Following on from his retirement, Seán attended the Athlone Institute of Technology where he completed a Degree in Business Studies and was subsequently accepted on to the IBEC Graduate Placement Program. It was here that he began his journey with Kinetica Sports.    

Seán has a keen interest in helping individuals with their health and nutrition. He likes to participate in various sports such as adventure racing, mountain running and cycling. He graduated with a Distinction in Performance Nutrition from the IOPN.  



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