Busting Collagen Myths: The Truth About Collagen


There are many myths circulating about collagen and its uses. But the facts are here to be shouted about. Collagen supplements are bursting with fantastic benefits that can often be overlooked due to the myths below -  all ones we’re going to debunk! It’s time to set the record straight. 

This article will bring all of the essential information and benefits of collagen to light. 

Before we delve into debunking collagen myths, let’s answer some of those collagen-related questions you may have…


Can collagen cause bloating?

There is evidence that shows the use of collagen supplements may reduce digestive issues, such as bloating. 

According to a recent study, Effect of a Daily Collagen Peptide Supplement on Digestive Symptoms in Healthy Women: 2-Phase Mixed Methods Study (1): “The use of a 20g daily collagen peptide supplement may reduce bloating and improve mild digestive symptoms in otherwise healthy female adults in the absence of any other dietary or lifestyle interventions.”

Even with this being said, everybody is different. And, it is worth speaking with your healthcare provider before choosing which supplements are best for you. 


Are there different types of collagen supplements? 

Yes, there are several types of collagen supplements: bovine, marine, and, more recently, vegan collagen made from bacteria and yeast that have undergone genetic modification.

This is also true for the form of collagen supplements taken. For example, you can take collagen supplements through a shot or powder. 

Learn more with our guide to The Different Types of Collagen.


Myths about collagen, busted 

From collagen supplements to collagen creams for skin, the market is flooded with products promising the fountain of collagen-induced youth, joint relief, and even weight loss. 

However, amidst the collagen hype, misinformation can often thrive, leading to understandable confusion about what collagen can truly accomplish, and how it works within our bodies.

This is exactly why we have listed the following five myths about collagen to set the record straight. 


Myth 1) Collagen is just a beauty product

The truth: Collagen is so much more than just a part of a beauty routine. Although it is essential for preserving skin suppleness and minimising signs of advancing years, its significance goes well beyond skin care. Collagen is essential for muscle structure and function, can promote joint health and help aid bone strength.

It is worth highlighting that marine collagen is more suited to skin health whereas our products contain bovine collagen which is better suited to ligament, tendon and overall joint health


Myth 2) Collagen is only for women

The truth: It is a common misconception that collagen is only for women. From a beauty perspective in particular. But collagen is for both men and women alike, for so much more than skin elasticity. 

A study on the use of collagen supplements based only on men proves there are multiple benefits men can enjoy by using collagen. The study, Effects of Collagen Peptides on Recovery Following Eccentric Exercise in Resistance-Trained Males (2), explains that consuming collagen peptides may enhance musculoskeletal recovery of connective tissues after damaging exercise in resistance-trained males. 


Myth 3) All collagen supplements are equally effective

The truth: The effectiveness of collagen supplements depends on the source of collagen you are taking. For example, while marine collagen is utilised to promote skin, hair, and nail health, bovine collagen is most frequently used to support joint, cartilage, and tendon health. 


Marine collagen and its effectiveness

Marine collagen is a versatile compound with applications in wound healing, anti-ageing, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis treatment. It is an aid for skin health from a beauty perspective. In the study, Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration (3), researchers show marine collagen can promote keratinocyte (a cell of the epidermis that produces keratin) and fibroblast (connective tissues) migration, as well as skin vascularization. Thus proving that collagen marine effectiveness spans over many uses. 


Bovine collagen and its effectiveness

Bovine collagen has been proven to help reduce bone loss in animals. Thus, bovine collagen could be an aid for those who suffer from osteoporosis or any other conditions where bone density may decline. 


Myth 4) Collagen causes acne

The truth: No! Collagen supplements themselves will not directly cause your skin to have any excess acne. There is currently no evidence that suggests collagen supplements would cause acne. But, what does cause acne, I hear you ask? Dead skin cells and sebum, an oily material that lubricates your skin and hair, clog hair follicles and cause acne. 

If you are suffering from breakouts and acne is affecting your daily life, we recommend speaking to your healthcare professional. They may be able to identify the causes and potentially combat the issue.


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