UK Sports Nutrition VAT update

The UK Government has made the decision to impose 20% VAT on sports nutrition products which will come into effect on 1st October. This has been rubber-stamped despite intensive industry lobbying through UK Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (UKSSNA). From the government’s perspective the changes are designed to ensure that all sports drinks “are taxed in a similar way ensuring that there is consistent treatment of sports drinks whether consumed for rehydration or nutritional purposes.”

Kinetica has argued a strong case through the UKSSNA. We felt it was important to put a clear and consistent argument across on behalf of sports nutrition consumers and our industry, in light of the role that sports nutrition plays in helping ensure a healthy lifestyle, as well as forming an important part of sports performance and recovery.

Unfortunately the 20% VAT will be reflected in prices for many Kinetica sports nutrition products including all proteins, weight-gainers, all-in-ones, creatine, protein-based RTD s and tablets, with only exemptions on gels. The change in VAT status clearly affects everyone in the industry from the manufacturer right through to the final consumer. Kinetica will continue to focus on offering our customers value-for-money, the highest quality sports nutrition products and unparalleled service.

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