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A long distance triathlon is what can be called an “ultra endurance” event. They are taxing and also punishing on the body as it combines a number of different sports such as swimming, cycling and running. In order to participate in a triathlon, the individual needs to be focused, disciplined and determined.

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A Triathlon, it is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. The most popular variations of this sport include swimming, cycling, and running. As you can imagine, this sport requires you to be at the top of your game in order to even compete for a sport like this never mind win one. This sport requires you to take very good care of yourself during training to prepare yourself for the extremely challenging sport. There needs to be a good balance of training for each discipline, and helping the body to recover quickly is a priority.

The demands placed on the body exceed that of other sports and for this reason nutrition is a key aspect when preparing for a triathlon. It is important that the body is well fuelled with the right nutrients before, during and after every training session. Here at Kinetica we offer the ultimate selection of triathlon supplements which include; Protein, 100% Recovery, 100% Energy, Energy Gels, Fuel Gels and Essential 4 Multivitamin. Each of the supplements for triathlon are designed to cater to your body’s needs, as due to the training that goes into the sport it needs that extra boost, nutrients and energy to keep you going and most importantly at the best of your ability.

If you make sure you train hard, eat well, and use a balance of supplements available from here at Kinetica Sports then you will be guaranteed on being at the top of your game when competing in the triathlon.