'It has a good mixture of ingredients needed for recovery. Pretty much everything needed to restore glycogen levels in muscles after workout, while getting in the muscle building protein. This is an excellent product for recovering from high intensity training or competing in endurance events... The Product mixes well, no chunks, no lumps and no left over residue. A good recovery product that I have no problem recommending.'
Shane Califf, Elvery's Sports Blog

'Unlike so many other supplements, Pre.Fuel is SAFE! By “safe” I don’t mean it’s really cool and buys you drinks every now and again, I mean “safe” as in batch tested within WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines and produced to ISO 17025 standards... Thankfully, Pre.Fuel mixes better than a lot of other pre-workout supplements I’ve tried, and doesn’t leave you that nasty, dirty pint-esque, foam on the top... I had the citrus flavour and it honestly tasted like squash – the branded stuff too, not your Everyday Value rubbish, and not as if you’ve just cleaned your teeth. Win... What I did experience was a constant feeling of being “in the zone” and determined to push through to the final rep of each set... Verdict? Simply, it’s AWESOME. If you’re after a scientifically proven, effective and great tasting pre workout, the Pre.Fuel is for you.' Read more
Oxford Fitness

'Kinetica products continue to provide me with exceptional support during my training and racing programme. I find a combination of '100% Energy' before races and on the bike, 'Energy Gel' and 'Fuel Gel' during longer races, and '100% Recovery' give me the perfect balance of energy, performance boost and post activity recharge. In particular, the gels deliver energy in a formula that is easy to digest, with pleasant flavours and has an ideal hydrating consistency'.
Rob Hope, Salomon Elite Athlete

'The joint support tablets have helped keep my knees in shape providing much needed supplements and anti- inflammatories. The Crips Pro bars are great, they're tasty and good to snack on after a hard session.'
Angela Mudge, Salomon Elite Athlete

'The energy gels are superb - very palatable and packed full of energy. The caffeinated gels give a real kick. They've kept me going through many training sessions and races. In terms of recovery the 100% recovery powder and Ready to Drink shakes hit the spot quickly after a work out. I use the  bars to keep protein levels high throughout the day when training and racing hard and they are darn tasty. The Joint Support tablets have helped accelerate recovery from a recent ankle injury due to all the natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Many thanks to Kinetica for the support!'
Tom Owens, Salomon Elite Mountain Runner

'I have been a pro basketball player for 4 years and as a professional I have tried many proteins and supplement products over the years. Very few products have the ability to fuel, recover the body and taste great. For me, taste and the ease of mixing protein is important but the gains you get from this quality protein tops all others. Thanks for the great products Kinetica!'
Anthony Rowe, Leicester Riders

'The Kinetica complete protein (strawberry) is by far the best protein product I have ever used, in terms of results and flavour I couldn't ask for anything more.'
Barry Lamble, Leicester Riders

'I definitely felt the effects of Pre.Fuel. I felt very focused, ready to rock, and definitely more awake and up for it! But not jittery or wired. Just focused, and chomping at the bit ready to attack my deadlifts...I wasn’t left with a crash of energy or any side effects. Two thumbs up for Pre Fuel, one of the best pre-workouts I’ve tried.' read more
Nicola Joyce, Freelance Sport and Fitness writer

'Firstly, as I have found is the norm with Kinetica products, it [Pre.Fuel] tastes great. Far, far better than any pre workout I have tried in the past. A short while after ingestion I felt an obvious, if mild increase in energy and focus with a little tingling caused by the niacin. This was nothing like as strong as some of the other supplements I have tried, but lasted through my workout well and subsided nice and cleanly afterwards allowing me to get on with my day. There was no crash all to common with pre workouts... This has resulted in a product that I personally would be far more likely to use on a regular basis. It might not be for the guys wanting the strongest boost available, but for ordinary gym goers and those interested in sport and athletic pursuits it's certainly worth considering.'
James Conci-Mitchell, Founder Six3Nine 

'Rugby League is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet. When training for the sport, the body must be pushed to the limits to replicate the demands of the game. Recovery is an essential element in the training process and one that requires a sound nutritional and supplementation program. Kinetica’s recovery products provide a fantastic range designed for such demands. They help reduce recovery time, mix very well with water without the typical grainy taste that most drinks provide. They are also excellent in terms of taste and quality. Along with the recovery drinks, Kinetica provides an excellent energy gel. We use the gels as part of half time recovery, and it provides a much needed boost to substitutes returning to the game. They are great for depleting Glycogen stores and unlike other energy gels that have been tried, Kinetica gels provide a slow release of energy. I would highly recommend their use to all athletes and to Strength and Endurance coaches.'
David Handcock, RLI Strength & Conditioning Coach

'Kinetica 100% Recovery post training recovery supplement I realised the importance of post training recovery supplements after failing to take one following a race, and was ill all day. For a number of years I have been trawling the internet for the 'perfect' recovery nutrition product. I have tried several of the leading brands, however when I tried Kinetica’s recovery supplement it stood our from the crowd. This is a product that produced excellent recovery results, whether you are training short or long. When i take this product, I often need to be careful of the timing, as it is SO good that i often struggle to eat my next main meal, if it was too soon after taking the recovery drink! I train hard, twice a day, and without a product like that, I would not be able to sustain the level of energy that I need to keep getting the results. Thank you Kinetica for an outstanding product.'
Melanie Ryding, GB Age Group Triathlete

'I was very impressed with the flavours and quality of the Kinetica sports range. I had the energy gels, RTI carb energy and 100% Recovery, all products I will use again. I was very surprised about the energy gel, as usually my body rejects them. They boosted me when my body needed a kick and they tasted amazing. The Recovery drink made a big improvement on my body with less muscle ache and more energy in the morning. Very happy with Kinetica sports products and 100% made my 1000 mile barefoot run easier, thank you.'
Anthony Band, Runner, Personal Trainer & Barefoot Coach

'The recovery drink, well it's like nothing I've ever used before. Very easy to mix, unlike some which are lumpy; it's a bonus that it's mixed with water which I find much easier to digest than stuff mixed with milk, and that is probably what I found the most pleasing, it's very easy to take on board and tastes great, I end up craving the stuff when I get back from a training session. Put it this way, I've trained hard for 15 weeks (that's all I gave myself) and I have managed to stick with a strict training regime without to many muscle aches, so I expect it's been doing it's job; along with the fact that my leg muscles have develop very well in a short space of time.'
Dave Anderson, Half Marathon Runner

'The Gels were a great product to use during my 200m rounds. They really made me feel energetic and ready. The Whey i found to be great after my 100m final. I recovered extremely quickly after taking it and after the competition I took the recovery drink which really buffered the lactate build up in my legs. All in all the products are great and they taste great.'
Marcel Gray, Welsh Masters Champion

'The toffee flavour was THE best bar I have tasted, very natural and actually tasted like food. I have never used a protein bar on rides before, always opting to more carb based mule and HIGH 5 bars. After using your product I think that i am now converted and will be using protein based bars in the future.'
Allan Ridler, Cyclist

'I've had the energy gels, whey, lean gain and the oat gain. I think they are the best tasting products on the market. Makes taking supplements to improve performance enjoyable. you'll see positive gains quickly.'
Jamie Noon
, CA Brive and England Rugby player

'I carried two gels with me on the London marathon and I was amazed with the positive effects. I used one gel at Mile 13 (1hour 24) and this was perfect timing as my glycogen stores were rapidly depleting. I had an instant hit of energy which increased my energy metabolism in using carbohydrates to breakdown fat for energy. It wasn’t only the instant energy I was happy with; it was also the slow release of energy that the gel also gave me which increased my confidence on the run. Towards the finish, I consumed my last gel, roughly around the 3hour mark (mile 23), which ensured I had enough energy to complete the 26.2 mile course. I completed my first marathon in 3 hours 26 minutes. I firmly believe that along with my strict diet regime for the marathon, Kinetica assisted in the achievement of my fantastic time.'
Robbie Freeman, Manor of Groves, Gym Manager

'I would like to thank you for the best two week training block I have had in a long time. I also had two others in the squad try the product and they had the same result and have now both purchased their own 100% Recovery. I found its main strength was allowing me to back up consecutive days and not have excessively fatigued legs each time. The research side of me has many questions most of which I would say are locked with the researchers in Dublin, however as an athlete I am satisfied to know it works, it is easy to digest and tastes pretty good as well.'
Vanda White, Triathlete

'After fracturing my shoulder just over a year ago and losing size and strength, I needed to get back to full fitness. I have tried a number of different supplement products and never really seen any noticeable change. However since using Kinetica I have found that I have managed to put size back on, improved my strength and my shoulder feels back to normal for the first time. The Lean Gain Protein enabled me to put muscle mass back on and even increase my weight which I have never found easy to do previously.'
Tom Chesters, Old Albanians Rugby Club

'I love the taste of the Kinetica Vanilla Whey, often I'll mix some with some plain greek style yoghurt and eat it like a pudding, old school 'angel delight'.For some of my shakes I'll add some cinnamon, frozen apple or just normal apple and some oats and some ground flax seeds to make an apple crumble meal replacement shake.'
Gavin Allinson
, certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)

'They’re great! I did a 1.30 half marathon a week ago and used the energy gels, plus got another one in early May. They’re good products, especially the recovery drink. I’ve never got on with those before but that one really works.'
Nick Francis
, The Sun Newspaper

'I love the food..the bars and the gels are awesome - take the gels with some water and they are so easy to stomach... which is rare!'
Tom Lochhead
, East Grinstead Tri Club

'During my rehabilitation from serious injury I have been using the great tasting Whey Protein, CLA and Omega 3, what can I say? A couple of PB’s in the Gym and now looking forward to running and picking up a hockey stick for the first time in 7 months.'
Ben Hawes
, England and GB Hockey