Sports Supplements for Swimming

Swimming is a sport that burns a lot of calories and works every major muscle group. It is easy on your joints, builds muscular strength and endurance while also improving cardiovascular fitness. This is a sport that requires the most professional of athletes to be thorough in their preparation for competition.

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To be a successful swimmer you need to control your training and diet. Swimmers have high nutrition needs due to their intense workouts as they burn so many calories when training they need to re-gain all the energy and nutrition that they lose whilst working out. Swimming also demands a lot from an individual as training can take place twice a day and involves both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism depending on the distance.

A vast amount of power is needed along with efficient techniques when swimming as there are high rates of energy turnover. When recovering after training or competitions, glycogen stores must be rapidly restored so that the quality of performance does not dip below expected levels. Recovery supplements can aid in helping to replenish glycogen stores and should be consumed during the first hour after training. According to a Dietetic Association swimmers need to consume between 3,000 to 6,000 calories a day to provide their bodies with enough energy and stamina to keep going throughout their training sessions. This amount of calories is a lot in comparison to calories that a ‘normal’ person is required to have in their daily diet. This shows just how much energy swimmers use when training and competing when swimming. Swimming supplements are a great way to boost energy levels, protect muscle damage, and it adds to the much-needed vitamins and minerals that swimmers need in order to succeed.

One of the best supplements for swimmers is protein as protein helps swimmers to repair muscle damage due to tough work outs. Supplements for swimmers are a great way to enhance performance, and here at Kinetica we provide an impressive selection of swimming supplements in various forms. This ranges from protein, Omega 3, recovery supplements and energy supplements and many more. Each of the swimming supplements are offered in a wide variety of tasty flavours as well as being available in capsules, snack bars, gels, shakes and many more. Kinetica have designed their products to ensure there is a supplement for many different types of swimmers who each have their own lifestyle and taste preference.