Sports Nutrition Q+A

What are Sports Supplements?

Sports supplements are scientifically designed products used to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the best nutrient support to help them get the most out of their training. They should be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and regular training regime.

Specially engineered sports food products provide key nutrients found in every day foods in a convenient format to help promote muscle repair and recovery and replenish vital energy stores. They include sports drinks, sports bars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and food supplement tablets for those who are training or in competition.

What makes Kinetica different from other sports nutrition brands on the market?

  • Kinetica enjoys a unique heritage. Recognised around the world as innovators in whey protein processing, our parent company Carbery Food Ingredients were one of the first to market whey proteins commercially over 30 years ago. We're proud to say that the Kinetica sports nutrition range contains our own high quality whey proteins, generated from fresh dairy whey at one of Europe's largest cheese factories. 
  • Expert flavour chemists have designed natural flavours exclusively for the Kinetica range. These are produced through our company owned in-house flavour department.
  • Kinetica has an specialist Research & Development team that are devoted to developing and designing cutting edge new products, using the latest sports science research, technologies and ingredients to produce the most effective sports nutrition products.
  • Kinetica products are produced to the highest industry standards with BRC, ISO and GMP standards. We have put in place rigorous supply chain protocols to ensure all our products are of the highest quality.
  • Every single batch is tested for protein, flavour, colour, texture, microbiological organisms and drug screened to ISO 17025 standards to WADA standards to ensure a safe and dependable sports nutrition range.

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How important is adequate nutrition for training and competition?

It is recognised that the dietary requirements of athletes or persons undergoing regular high intensity exercise are different from the normal population.  It is also recognised that poor nutritional strategies can lead to longer recovery time post-exercise, damage to immune system and injury.  Therefore food is fuel for your training. Protein requirements for example differ depending on age, sex, size and activity level.

The average adult requires approx. 0.8g of protein/kg of body weight compared to those who are endurance or strength training and can require 1.2-2g of protein/kg of body weight or higher. If you do not consume enough macronutrients (water, protein, carbohydrates, fat) in your daily diet and are training regularly without extra supplementation you can be more prone to muscle tissue damage and lack energy which will hinder athletic performance.

What are the main benefits of taking sports supplements?

The weight of evidence from multiple sources is that sports supplements, responsibly taken, are beneficial to athletes as part of a balanced diet. This view is held by leading sporting organisations such as International Olympic Committee and FIFA.  High quality sports supplements like Kinetica provide a safe, convenient and tasty way to deliver essential nutrients to the body before, during or after training. They are scientifically designed to help promote muscle repair and recovery, provide and replenish vital energy stores and maximise athletic performance. They are not a substitute for a healthy, balanced meal, training and rest but they do help boost macronutrient (water, protein, carbohydrates, fat) intake. Failure to consume an adequate healthy diet and the right level of macronutrients can disrupt the recovery and growth process.

Once sports nutrition products are administered responsibility and are not used as a substitute for regular food it is safe to conclude that they form an important nutritional building block in preparation and performance for athletes and those undertaking intense exercise.  

What are Kinetica's views on underage supplement use?

We subscribe to the view that young people should mature holistically before they decide whether or not to take sports nutrition products responsibly as part of their diets.

  • Caffeine products are not necessary for those under 18 years of age. Caffeine is a stimulant whose benefits in adult sport are proven but are unnecessary for children
  • Creatine supplements are not recommended for those under 18 years of age. Creatine may increase muscle mass and strength in adults – but no sports organisation has endorsed the use for athletes under 18. Stick to the hard training and balanced diet!
  • Shakes don’t replace a healthy, balanced meal and servings should be taken appropriately and responsibly as per directions on pack.
  • Advice from a coach or registered sports nutritionist is recommended – or you can ask an expert from via Kinetica

What are the benefits of whey protein and are there any side effects?

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What is Kinetica’s policy in relation to creatine?

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance (also found in meat and dairy products) produced in the liver and is a key compound for sports particularly in relation to energy for the short burst of intense exercise.  A number of our Power & Strength products contain creatine and as well, we supply a 100% Creatine product which is wholly creatine-based.  We do not encourage creatine consumption to those under the age of 18. The creatine ingredient we use is called Creapure and is 99.99% pure creatine monohydrate from an extremely reputable source. All our products including those with creatine are fully drug screened to ISO 17025 standards by HFL to ensure a safe and dependable sports nutrition range.

How can I learn more about the different Kinetica products and their benefits?

Check out our Products page to learn more about the Kinetica range or alternatively directly ask one of our experts

Are Kinetica products suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs, and diabetics, etc...?

Check out Kinetica’s product diet suitability chart for more information

Are Kinetica products subject to strict quality control procedures?

Every batch is laboratory drug screened by the HFL to ISO 17025 standards to ensure that we deliver a safe and dependable sports nutrition range. HFL Sport Science is one of the world’s leading independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.

All our products are tested within the framework of World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) to ensure that athletes and customers don’t inadvertently fail drug tests. For the purposes of elite athletes, serious amateurs and weekend warriors having credible and safe product is a must.

The Kinetica brand is about credibility and transparency across everything we do. Every product we produce is drug screened to WADA standards – as a policy we do not release any products to the market until the products have been tested and passed. From our elite athlete customer to our regular sports users we demand and expect the same standards for all.

In addition, Kinetica complies with all the relevant regulatory authorities on all ingredients and on-pack claims including the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).  Our full range of products is registered with the FSAI. One of the cornerstones of the Kinetica brand is honest positioning in the marketplace and transparency with our customers.