Research & Development NEW

Our purpose-built Centre of Excellence for Nutrition houses our modern laboratories which are used for scientific research, product development and analytical work. Our expertise in sensory science and flavour chemistry, along with the trained panellists who taste each product we want to introduce to our range, guarantees that only great-tasting products make it outside our doors. At Kinetica, we know that standing still isn’t good enough, so we are always trying to drive our business forward. That’s why we’re devoted to developing and designing the most innovative new products.

By continuously revising our product range, we can use the best new ideas, technologies and ingredients to improve our products and guarantee you the best results. Our success is down to a diverse team of people with a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of the sports nutrition industry:

• processing experts with decades of experience working with whey proteins
• food technologists developing cutting-edge new products
• dedicated nutritionists who are always fully up-to-date with the latest sports science findings
• skilled flavourists who create all-natural flavours using essential oils, oleoresins and other natural extracts.

All our team members also have a keen interest in sports, exercise and staying healthy, helping them to understand the nutritional needs of serious sportspeople like you. We also work with a wide range of international research organisations to ensure we stay at the forefront of sports science and nutrition.