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Cycling  is a high power, high energy sport that requires excellent stamina, endurance and fast recovery as the training demands often match that of a race. 

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Cycling is a high power, high energy sport that requires excellent stamina and endurance. As well as ensuring your diet is healthy, it can be helpful to take supplements to boost your strength and energy.

The supplements consumed during a race should be absorbed in a way that allows you to have the energy you need to sustain a long cycle. This will prevent the muscles from becoming fatigued. When fatigue does set-in, the muscles will not be able to generate the power output that they require to keep going. 

Our high energy supplements,  Energy+ bar,  Electro C tablets, Energy and Fuel Gels are designed to give you that boost when you need it most on a long cycle. With easily absorbed and fast acting nutrients these supplements will ensure you have enough fuel left in the tank to finish strong.


Recovery supplements can also be extremely beneficial after a race or an intense cycling session. Our 100% Recov is an advanced protein formula, with a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, to ensure that athletes have the best nutrient support after training.