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                              You know why. We know how.


At Kinetica, we believe that every athlete has a ‘why’.

That driving force that lights the fire in your belly.

The reason you push so hard.

The reason you care so much.

The reason you get back up. Every. Single. Time.

We’re here to nourish your why with the nutrition it deserves.

To match the honesty of your effort with the purity of our products.

Think of us as the how to your why.



Quality Product

Our range is dedicated to

product safety, delicious taste

& smooth texture

WADA Compliant

Every batch is tested to

comply with WADA exacting


Informed Sport Certified

The majority of the range has

also undergone the Informed

Sport prohibited substances

testing regime

Unrivalled Taste & Texture

Our mission is to delight your senses

across taste, texture, aroma

& mouthfeel



Kinetica Whey is derived

from grass-fed,

hormone free cow's milk


Free From

We cater to dietary

restrictions, food allergies and

animal-free preferences