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Weather playing football at professional or at a semi – professional level, both require high standards of cardiovascular fitness. Research on football played at a professional level suggests that players may cover distances of 10km-12km during 90 minutes.

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Football players can accelerate up to 60 times within a 90 minute period. All of these bursts can deplete glycogen within the leg muscles that in turn will have an effect on their performance. To make sure that the muscles continue to function and don’t shut down, it is important to keep your energy levels high. This is why diet and hydration is an important part of football. Research has shown that football played at moderate temperatures can result in 2-3 litres of sweat loss. Games played during humid conditions can result in a loss of 4-5 litres of fluid.

Football is a demanding sport on the body both physically and mentally, and if a footballer doesn’t look after his diet then this can provoke a poor performance in training and on the pitch. If a footballer does eat correctly, train properly and take the recommended football supplements then this will not only help his own performance but also the whole teams. Footballers need energy rich foods. Not only does the right food need to be consumed but supplements for football need to be taken as well, as they help to keep up with the demands of all the energy, calories and nutrients that you lose when training hard and playing football matches. Here at Kinetica we offer the ultimate range of football supplements which are designed for the demands that football can bring to your body.

The supplements for football are offered in shakes, snack bars, capsules and various flavours. This is to ensure that there is a style of football supplement and flavour to suit individual taste and lifestyle. We also offer recovery supplements for footballers as we know the importance of taking care of your body after a tough session or work out on the pitch. The Kinetica energy sachets are designed to provide a convenient way to replenish energy whether its training at the gym or playing in football matches.