How Kinetica BCAA can Help your Performance and Recovery

Have you considered incorporating BCAAs as part of your nutrition plan? Branched-chain amino acids could play a key role in helping you achieve your goals!  

With 11g of whey protein isolate per serving, along with a strong amino acid profile, Kinetica BCAAs have the capacity to bring both your training and recovery to the next level, as well as tasting great!


Why should you take BCAAs?

Did you know that when you exercise, you damage your muscles? This damage is attributed to the stress you put on your muscles when you work out, which causes tiny micro-tears of the muscle fibres. These micro-tears are necessary for muscle growth. The damage acts as a stimulus which triggers a response from the body to repair and rebuild the muscle. To do this, your body needs amino acids.

These much needed amino acids can’t be made by your body, so you need to get them through your diet.


When should you take BCAAs?

Kinetica BCAA contains 8g of BCAAs per serving as well as 5g of leucine, and hydrolysed whey protein isolate (Optipep), which is easily absorbed by the body so can be used during training to prevent muscle breakdown. Protein and amino acids are key components and can play a vital role in post-exercise recovery.⁣


How should you consume BCAAs?

#TeamKinetica Top Tip: take our BCAAs during your workout or straight after to help get one step ahead in the recovery process!