To begin, it’s important to note that creatine’s uses extend beyond the scope of professional athletes. Oftentimes, when advised on best practice for consumption, it’s use is promoted for athletes who partake in ‘high intensity’ exercise. This is often imagined as competitive weight training or elite sprinting, but it’s so much more than that. In fact, “fast-twitch” muscle fibres, which can be reinforced through creatine consumption, are used regularly by the recreational cyclist challenging their partner to a sprint up the hill that used to leave them gasping, the twice weekly tennis player wanting to improve their serve in the latter part of a game, and the basketballer spinning on their heel to make another fast break on a Friday evening after work.


Benefits of Daily Movement

Daily movement is the most effective way to improve your wellbeing from a physical and mental standpoint.


With life as we know it, it can be difficult to dedicate time each day to get a structured workout in, however it’s vital that you move in some capacity each day. It by no means has to be intense, simply going for a walk, completing a quick strength circuit or having a stretch a couple of times throughout your day offers a multitude of benefits!



Boosts Energy


The physical benefits of daily movement are no secret. Activities such as walking, strength circuits or yoga style workouts will help you build strength and endurance, improve movement efficiency and decrease chances of injury helping you maintain your energy and manage fatigue effectively! Get moving!


Improves Cognition


Regular movement benefits far more than just the body! Neurogenesis is the process where new neurons are formed in the brain. Daily movement increases this by improving the delivery of oxygen & nutrients resulting in the growth of new brain cells & enhancing cognitive function!

enhancing cognitive function!


Reduces Stress


Taking movement breaks during the day helps improve mental clarity and manage stress effectively through the production of endorphins. Adding to this, the release of endorphins has been shown to assist quality of sleep. This in turn can help reduce stress.



Assists Weight Management


Inactivity is a primary risk factor for unwanted weight gain. Taking regular breaks during the day to get some movement in, regardless of intensity can help increase your metabolic rate. It has even been shown that standing rather than sitting for long periods requires more energy and could make a significant difference in the long run!