Top Christmas Gifts for Fitness Fanatics – For Him

Buying gifts for those hard-to-gift fitness fanatics can be difficult but this year, we’re here to take the hassle away. To save you hours trawling the internet and pulling your hair out because nothing is quite right, we’ve curated the top 8 gifts for those fitness mad men in your life!


Planet Organic Food Hamper – £10.00 – £100.00

food hamper man

For those who pay attention to what they eat, a Planet Organic food hamper is the ideal gift. At Christmas time, everyone loves an excuse to eat but the fitness fanatics out there often worry about what chemicals and calories they are consuming. Whether you choose a Raw Snack Attack hamper (£40) or go with the more expensive, Ultimate Raw Foodist Hamper (£110), you can rest assured that this is one of the best – and most lusted after – hampers for those who treat their body as a temple!


Becoming a Supple Leopard – £29.86


The book brands itself as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance’.  Secondary to doing exercise, fitness enthusiasts love to read about how they can prevent injury and increase their performance in the best way possible. With an average of 5 stars on Amazon, this book has been both a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller, making it a hit with athletes the world over.  Plus, the added benefit to this gift is that they may decide to stay at home on Boxing Day for a read rather than dashing off to the gym!


Trigger Point Foam Roller – £26.32

foam roller

This gift is ideal for anyone who anyone who practices resistance training or any sport with a repetitive movement, like running. A trigger point foam roller can release those pesky knots that these sports often cause. They can help to improve flexibility while also decreasing the risk of injury – always a good thing for fitness fanatics as they’ll get grumpy if they have to be out of training!


Epsom Salts£8.49

epsom salts

Epsom salts relieve all those aches and pains that fitness aficionados get on a regular basis. This is due to the magnesium and sulphates found within the salts, Mother Nature’s own gift to the fitness-mad. Because they’re designed to be used in the bath, they can also help you to relax and rewind after a long day – multipurpose, multi-winning! Your giftee will certainly be thanking you for this one in the near future.


Tiger Balm – £11.99

tiger balm

This marvellous menthol balm is the ultimate ointment. Traditionally used in Eastern medicine, and containing properties similar to deep heat, this balm is super strong and its unique formulation includes active ingredients which are proven to help those aches and pains to go away. It is also useful for relieving headaches; a win-win product!


Fat Gripz – £16.99


fat gripz

Fat Gripz are relatively new to the fitness industry but they are already spreading like wildfire. Fat Gripz increase with diameter of the bar which means that more muscles must work each time you lift. Using these, fitness fans can increase grip strength and add forearm muscle mass in record time.  This is the ideal gift if the person you are buying for does; body-building, power lifting, cross-fit or grip training.


Garmin 230 – £209.99


We all know about boys and their toys, so why not combine their love of technology and love of fitness with this great gift. Particularly popular amongst runners, the Garmin 230 tracks distance, time, pace and heart rate as well as sleep quality and calories, to ensure that peak athletic form can be maintained.


Kinetica Oat Gain – from £54.99

oat gain

Made from ground oats and organic coconut oil, Oat Gain is an ideal mix of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. This is a great gift for any fitness fanatic who requires extra calories to add muscle mass or to support a rigorous training schedule. From raspberry yoghurt to chocolate caramel nut, Oat Gain comes in a range of flavours – so find out what your giftee’s favourite is and make their Christmas complete!


A great present on every fitness fanatic’s gift list would be Kinetica Sport’s protein powders and supplements. To see our full list of products – and to get your order in in time for Christmas – click here.

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