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Top Christmas Gifts for Fitness Fanatics – For Her

For women who are keen to keep fit and healthy, there is no rest for the wicked! Christmas is traditionally a time where people let themselves go a little, indulging in a few too many Christmas treats that they’ll pay for in January, but not these ladies. They’ll stick to their diet and exercise plan over the festive periods – perhaps sneaking in the odd mince pie here and there.  If you know a fitness-mad lady who you’d like to buy a gift for this Christmas, here are some of the top 8 gifts that we think they’ll love!


Neoprene Single Pouch – £19.99

Neoprene pouch

Ladies are amazing at fitting a Mary-Poppins-amount of items into their handbags on a daily basis. Why stop there? If they are going out for a run, biking, hiking or roller blading, ladies still need their bits and pieces; especially their phones. This gift is the ultimate, light-weight waterproof, hands-free bag with an adjustable waist and reflective strips to aid visibility. No, it ain’t a bum-bag; it’s the upmarket, cooler older sister. A super practical – yet stylish – gift that will see the light of day well past Boxing Day.


Fitbit Flex – £79.99

Fit bit flex

Fitness is not just an evening or weekend activity for those fanatical about fitness, it’s a lifestyle thang. These wristbands allow for all-day activity tracking which can be easily monitored and analysed using a smartphone. From the amount of sleep to the amount of steps one takes on a daily basis, this gift can help ladies keep track of everything they do to help optimise their fitness.


Infruition Sport – £15.99

infrution sport

From amateur rugby players to professional marathon runners, athletes know how important it is to keep hydrated. But, we also know that sometimes it’s hard to maintain adequate water intake. This Infruition bottle will add a bit of variety to the lady in your life’s regime; adding fresh fruit to water not only adds flavour, but it also infuses the essential vitamins and minerals from nature’s favourite sweet stuff.


Bosu Ball – £105.99

Bosu ball

Bosu Balls are a woman’s best friend. They can be incorporated into a number of different exercise regimes as well as being used as a stand-alone exercise technique.  Both sides of the Bosu Ball can be used to achieve one’s fitness goals; the domed side can be used for cardio and strength training while the flat side can be used to increase core strength, flexibility and lower body work. It’s the perfect gift for trimming those legs, bums and tums after a few too many roasties at Christmas dinner!


Medicine Ball£12.00

medicine ball

Medicine balls are a versatile gift; they’re amazing for working the core and also for stretching the back and obliques after a hard workout. They come in a range of weights for the beginner through to the advanced, and are not too pricey at all. Give your lady the gift of an at-home workout with this effective bad boy!


Nike Impossibly Light Running Jacket – £53

nike running jacket

During exercise, the body releases endorphins, which make everyone feel happier, but we all know that if you look good you feel great, too! Why not treat a lady in your life to this gorgeous Nike lightweight jacket? Of course, it’s not just a fashion item; it’s also ultralight, water-repellent and its ventilation features ensure a better workout, too. This jacket comes in a range of colours (do you know her favourite?) as well as a variety of sizes, so you can’t go wrong with this gift


Archie Brown’s Food Hamper – £15-£99.99

food hamper

Woman fitness fanatics often watch what they are eating to ensure they’re getting the maximum nutrition for their workouts. A food hamper such as the Vegan Raw Food Hamper includes tasty treats such as the raved about Coconut Oil, goji berries and cacao powder. All items are tasty, natural and animal-friendly meaning that whichever lady you buy this gift for; she’ll have no qualms about indulging to her heart’s content!


Pamper Day – £65.00

pamper day

There are all types of home massage gadgets you can buy, but nothing really beats a real massage when it comes to loosening all the knots that often come as a result of exercise. Dependent on the type of exercise, different massages can be needed, but generally, a deep tissue massage will ease all those aches and pains away. By one of these vouchers and she’ll be able to cash it in at a time and location convenient for her. Bliss.


Kinetica Thermo Whey £34.99

thermo whey

Thermo Whey is a great gift for those ladies who are looking to build lean muscle without adding bulk and size to their frame.  With the addition of CLA and green tea extract, Thermo Whey is great for overall weight management and is an ideal way to add essential protein into a healthy diet. Best consumed 2-3 times a day, it is the perfect post-workout drink for when gym-time comes around in January (or even Boxing Day!).


Of course another great present on every fitness fanatic’s gift list would be Kinetica Sport’s protein powders and supplements. To see our full list of products – and to get your order in in time for Christmas – click here.

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