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The Life of Bryan: Part 1

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane:

Right now I’m really happy.  4th place in my first World Cup Race this season, 32 seconds behind last year’s Olympic silver medallist Javier Gomez. I am finally back in the game. Let me rewind a little. Growing up I was into everything; my mother often says if there was a three-legged race being run I’d be out to win it. I swam, rowed, cycled and sailed. I ran right through my teens, and was a particularly good cross country runner, representing Ireland at school and club level bringing home a European medal in 1999. I always had a love of cycling and decided while in college that rather than spend a summer working in a bar in America I’d travel to Belgium and try my hand at the race scene. I had reached a point where I wanted more, bigger races than what I was doing in Ireland, and Belgium was where it was at. It turns out I wasn’t a bad cyclist and was selected to represent Ireland at the very prestigious Ras in 2006. By that stage I had then finished college; I had studied fine Art print at the National College of Art and Design and graduated with a first class honours degree. I spent the next two years working in Cork as a photographer before the urge to compete again became too great and decided that I needed a change. I headed for Australia. It was there that my interest in Triathlon really developed.


I had flirted with triathlon back in 1996. I competed for my school at the All Ireland Schools Triathlon championships in Enniskillen. It was my first ever triathlon. This was made clear to all when I realized that I had left my bike shoes in the changing room as I entered T1 and had to make a small diversion back to the changing rooms. I was reasonably happy to place second in the infamous Gavin Noble after my little incident with the bike shoes.  Looking back now it’s easy to see that I was slowly accruing all of the important building blocks of a professional athlete. It was when I entered my first triathlon in Sydney ‘The Nepean triathlon’ in 2008 and won by over a minute with little focused training I thought ‘I’ve found my calling’. Since that time my progress through the international ranks of triathlon has been meteoric and I was on my way to achieving a lifetime ambition of competing in the Olympic Games. Up until then I didn’t know what sport I was going to be there for but I did now! However, one autumn day, disaster struck. A moment’s inattention by a motorist and I found myself in hospital with a shattered patella and a career on hold.


The rehabilitation following my injury was intense, and at times excruciating. Strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, gym-work continuously are at times, soul destroying. However, I was surrounded by a core group of people who supported me, believed in me and ensured that I had everything I needed to get back to where I am and they thought I could be. It was essential that I had a good coach, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist without them I wouldn’t be where I am now. Which brings me back to where I am… here and now… 4th place at my first World cup race and as I sit and let it all sink in I am incredibly proud of me and grateful to my excellent team.


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