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The business end of the season – stay hydrated!!

Like so many sports it becomes all or nothing at this point in the season whatever sport you play in whatever league. Many do not have the opportunity like Arsenal, for instance to be knocked out of three competitions so quickly and yet still be in the running to win the Premier League, for most of us the mediocrity of mid table plays out in the final weeks.

Here at Kinetica we are building toward the end of the season, having an Irish heritage and sponsoring Leicester has created some tensions within the office – but we are used to those ever since Ben (Youngs) our latest signing decided to throw Englands chances of winning a Grand Slam into the crowd at the Aviva. More significantly the Irish were magnificient that day and with a large contingent of Internationals in the Leinster side a similarly tough assignment awaits the underdogs this weekend.

Visiting Leicester this week we noticed that despite all the various measures of 20m sprints, dead weight lifts and sled pull times there was still the attached diagram in the Gents.

The message is clear (!), stay hydrated. This above all else can affect your performance.  It has been calculated that a 2% loss of fluid through sweat will affect performance (to the tune of a 10-20% loss in maximum aerobic capacity) and a 5% loss rachets this figure up to 30%.

Y  O  U    H  A  V   E     B  E  E  N     W  A  R  N  E  D  !

So here are our guidelines for staying hydrated and replacing energy during any game (or session) that lasts more than 90 minutes:

  • Arm yourself with a couple of Kinetica gels – these provide 20g of carbs so for a two hour period this will be enough this will have an immediate positive effect on your glycogen (energy)  stores
  • Drink (sip don’t gulp) water and take this (125-250ml) every 10-20 mins. Although carbonated drinks can be used they could cause more discomfort so avoid
  • Don’t drink anything with more than a 10% sugar content as the gut finds it more difficult to process
  • Recover after the game, timing as much as any quality of protein (Even the excellent whey we produce) is the key – you have a two hour window when your body is most receptive to muscle replenishment and repair

Without staying hydrated you will fail to achieve your best performance – lets hope Leinster have the same diagram in the Gents at the RDS!

We have tickets on Facebook to giveaway for the game this weekend….enjoy!!

We have tickets to giveaway on Twitter for the game this weekend…enjoy!!

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