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  • Fat Loss

    Part 2 – Fat Loss Made easy

    Flex; Maximising Performance whilst reducing body fat; eating in phases enhances anabolism and promotes fat loss, at the same time – learn how to achieve this and peak for competition In…

  • Toning Up

    Toning up – Meal Plan

    MONDAY Breakfast Banana smoothie (made with 1 scoop of whey protein, 2 bananas, 125ml plain bio yoghurt, water to reach required consistency (approx. 250ml)) and 10 almonds PLUS Kinetica Fat Burner…

  • Calcium

    Calcium : dietary sources

    Food Name Calcium per 100 g Cheese – Parmesan – Grated 1376 mg Milk – Non-fat – Instant-Dried 1231 mg Seeds – Sesame – Dried Whole 975 mg Milk- Whole –…