Fat Loss

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Fat Loss Circuit & Nutrition Advice from Jen Peglar PT at Six3Nine

By Jen Peglar PT @ Six3Nine Studio Covent Garden   There are three key components to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and recovery – this is where a good night’s sleep is vital. When the goal is fat loss, nutrition is key. Of course well structured, regular physical activity is going to get you to your goal quicker but you simply cannot out train a poor diet. In order to lose weight (primarily fat), the equation is simple. You need to burn more calories than you consume so that you... Read More

Weight Loss – Meal Plan

MONDAY Breakfast 160g porridge, 4 strawberries and 7 blueberries Morning Snack Kinetica Protein Bar (Orange Flavour) Calories (per 60g bar): 205kcals Protein: 20g Carbohydrate: 19.2g Fat: 7.7g Toffee flavour also available PLUS Kinetica Fat Burner Tablets (x4) Lunch 1 chicken breast and roasted vegetables (40g butternut squash, 30g carrots, 40g parsnips) Post-Training Kinetica Recovery (Blackcurrant) Calories (based upon a 75g serving): 267kcals Protein: 24.8g Carbohydrate: 41.3g Fat: 0.3g Dinner 300g Spaghetti bolognaise with wholewheat pasta Evening Snack (if required) 10 strawberries with 20g Total 0% yoghurt Total calories (approx.) Calories:... Read More

Fat loss made easy: proven strategies for effective and long term body fat reduction

3 Part Article Series: General Tips for fat loss for athletes: food choices and minor adjustments to maximise fat loss Flex; Maximising Performance whilst reducing body fat: eating in phases enhances anabolism and promotes fat loss, at the same time – learn how to achieve this and peak for competition Hardcore fat loss: rapid fat loss strategies for stubborn long term fatties or to get ahead during periods of injury 10 Tips for fat loss for athletes In an earlier article on carbohydrates and diet we looked at keeping a... Read More