Bulking Up

Bulking up – Meal Plan

MONDAY Breakfast 2 Poached egg, 2 grilled medium tomatoes & wholemeal toast Calories: 474kcals Protein: 24g Carbohydrate: 58g Fat: 18g Mid-Morning Snack Kinetica Weight Gainer (Strawberry) Calories (based around a 90g serving): 362kcals Protein: 31.7g Carbohydrate: 39.7g Fat: 8.5g Lunch 4 slices Smoked salmon, 1 112g tub cottage cheese, 1 avocado, 2 slices of burgen or granary bread Calories: approx. 665.27 kcal Protein: 38.22g Carbohydrate: 40.72g Fat: 39.94g Afternoon Snack/ Post Training Kinetica All in One Shake (Chocolate) Calories (based on 75g serving): 296kcal Protein: 35.8g Carbohydrate: 21.8g Total Fat:... Read More

Muscle building article for Men’s fitness

Total per day = 2750 kcal per day 2.2g protein per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 187g per day 4-5g carbs per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 340g per day* 1g fat per kg/body weight based on a 85kg man: 85g per day 6 meals per day Some days we have come in below this suggested guideline as it is high considering that most people struggle to do the amount of exercise needed to burn this type of amount of carbohydrate. So if fat loss is your goal... Read More