Protein Jaffa Cakes

Looking for something a bit different to bake – try these Protein Jaffa Cakes from @Nutritionista 


Makes 16 cakes



150g of oat flour

30g of Kinetica Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

1 tablespoon of orange zest

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1 large egg

3 tablespoons of honey

3 tablespoons of coconut oil (melted)


115g of no added sugar orange jelly


150g of dark chocolate


Protein Jaffa Cakes



Mix the oat flour, protein powder, orange zest and baking soda together in a bowl

Add the honey, egg and melted coconut oil and mix well

Place just over a tablespoon of the mixture onto a bun/muffin tin. Make sure each of the bun/muffins tin spaces are coated in some coconut oil so the mixture doesn’t stick. The mixture itself should give you 16 cakes bases

Pre heat the oven 180 degrees and bake the cakes for 15-20 minutes

Once done set aside to cool

Cut the tops of the cakes so that they are flat on top and place a teaspoon of no added sugar orange jelly (which you can also make yourself) on top

Melt the dark chocolate and pour the chocolate over each of the cakes

Place into the fridge to set

Nutrition per cake

110kcal, 360kJ

7.6g  fat

5.2g Saturated Fat

12.7g of Carbohydrates

5.8g of Sugar

2.5g of Protein

0.14g Salt

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