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Kinetica Strength and Conditioning expert Andy McKenzie will be holding a 2 x 2 hour seminar on movement preparation to maximise performance in your training sessions at RAW GYM Sandyford on SATURDAY OCTOBER 8th from 1pm-3pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

To claim a spot leave a comment with your name and why you want to attend. You must be available on the dates / time above. We will confirm your space on October 3rd.

Andy and other Combined Strength coaches will take you through the breakdown of the WRAPS system movement preparation system- with one primary focus.

Move with a purpose to improve.

The breakdown will be as follows –

W arm – the best way to use your environment and prepare correctly for the main focus of the session.

R ange of Movement – correct breakdown and coaching cues when using the Combined Strength 10 mobility series.

A ctivate – it’s more than firing up glutes and doing X Band Walks- it’s the why, how and when it should be done.

P atterns, Play or Potentiate – warming up has to improve the fundamentals, especially with an increase in range and a muscle that is primed to work. There is also a need for ‘play’ or readying the body for higher levels of exercises to come.

S kill – depending on the level of the client and what they want to achieve, then assigning blocks of focused work will ensure time is effective when the body is primed for action.

Come prepared for an interactive day of learning how to move better, coach and try out the Kinetica Pre fuel samples during the session.


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  • Michal Czerep
    September 27, 2016 at 10:30 am

    I have been following Andy’s material for a while and I’d love to learn more to help my clients get better coaching!