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Fuel your CrossFit WOD

Top 5 foods to prepare for a session Hilary Riordan, Irish CrossFit athlete and owner of Guerilla Fitness Gym Cork looks at the top 5 foods to fuel your CrossFit WOD. I train twice a day starting with 8am session. I have my breakfast at 6.45am to ensure I’m fuelled and ready to go.  My second training session begins at 4pm so I have a few “go to” foods that I like to have before the session to get the most from my workout. Generally, before I train in the... Read More


Fueling a Professional Rugby Player: Kieran Marmion

Our weekly blog lets you know how a professional rugby player stays fuelled on a daily basis. From breakfast to bedtime, rugby players must provide their body with the correct nutrients for their daily training sessions and weekly games. Last week we saw Dave Heffernan’s diet, next up is Ireland and Connacht scrum half Kieran Marmion. Player Name: Kieran Marmion Position: Scrum Half D.O.B: 11/02/1992 (Age: 24) Morning routine / Breakfast: A bowl of porridge and 3 scrambled eggs on toast. Mid Morning Snack: A Kinetica whey protein shake blended with banana... Read More


6 Nations Competition T&Cs

Win a 4.8kg bag of Oat Gain!! All you have to do is correctly guess the score between Ireland and France in this Saturday’s 6 Nations match at the Stade de France. Place score in the format ‘Ireland _ France _’ eg. Ireland 15 France 10 Competition is open on Facebook and Twitter. Over 18s only. All entries after 2.25pm GMT on Saturday won’t be counted. One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be drop kicked out of the competition! If two or more people correctly guess the score, whoever... Read More


Happy Protein Pancake Day!

Why not try these great tasting high protein pancakes. If your strict diet is preventing you from the traditional pancakes then these are perfect for you! Thanks to the Nutritionista! Ingredients: 2 large banana 1 egg 1 scoop of whey protein (choose your own flavour) Method: 1. Mash the bananas and mix with the egg. 2. Add the protein powder and mix well. 3. In a pan add some coconut oil and pour in the mixture and cook on both sides. Make the pancake as small or big as you... Read More


Fuelling a Professional Rugby Player: Dave Heffernan

Our weekly blog lets you know how a professional rugby player stays fuelled on a daily basis. From breakfast to bedtime, rugby players must provide their body with the correct nutrients for their daily training sessions and weekly games. We find out how, up this week is hooker Dave Heffernan.   Player Name: Dave Heffernan Position: Hooker D.O.B: 31/01/1991 (Age 25) Morning routine / Breakfast: I usually get up about 2 hours before I have to be anywhere in the morning so I don’t have to rush anything. Breakfast consists of a a... Read More


Brand Ambassador wanted!

Made of What Matters? If so, Kinetica Sports wants to hear from you. Are you? A personal trainer? An athlete? A serious fitness enthusiast? We are looking to recruit a small selection of committed and engaging brand ambassadors that have got what it takes when raising the bar and striving to be better, faster and stronger. Kinetica’s key mission is all about Fuelling the Difference and it’s imperative that our ambassadors share their training advice, tips and insights among our followers to help them achieve their objectives, goals and dreams.... Read More


Your Protein FAQ’s [Infographic]

With all the different brands of protein powder available, it’s no wonder that many people are confused about which type of protein they need to take.  It’s equally difficult to find accurate information about how much protein an athlete should consume and when an athlete should consume it. With this in mind we have spent hours researching and reading to bring a highly informative infographic that answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions around the subject of protein supplementation. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a keen gym-goer looking to increase... Read More


TeamKinetica: Holly Roderick Q&A

We had a chat with CrossFit athlete and Kinetica ambassador Holly Roderick   What is your athletic background? Sprinter, swimmer, netball hockey and rugby player, all at regional level. How did you get into training? I was looking for a different and more challenging fitness regime to what my local leisure centre offered. That was when I found Crossfit. As soon as I began I knew I wanted to pursue it seriously and competitively. What is your current training week like? I train twice a day at 6.30am and 5.30pm... Read More


Protein Coconut Macaroons

If you have a few minutes to spare and a few scoops of whey protein why not try these tasty protein filled treats! Once again thanks to The Nutritionista for the recipe.   Ingredients 3 egg whites 2-3 tbsp of honey 2 tsp of vanilla extract 100g of desiccated coconut 2 scoops (60g) of Kinetica vanilla whey protein powder Some melted dark chocolate to drizzle on top of the macaroons Method Place the egg whites, honey and vanilla extract into a bowl and whisk together until the mixture becomes frothy. Add... Read More


Power Up your Press-Up

Performed correctly the press up gives you a staple exercise with huge carry over and limitless movement potential. Why focus solely on the chest when you have a bodyweight option that integrates the whole body as part of the movement. To add some variety to your routine, try these three options: 1) Band Resisted Press Ups If you are pushing out 30+ reps then add some resistance with the use of bands. If you are lucky enough to have a rack with pins, then attach them to each side, get... Read More