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If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. So 6 recipes in total with anything else recipe wise you might have on file thrown in for good measure. They can be really simple stuff like bowl of weetbix with yoghurt or complex which ever you think is appropriate. Would be good to have measurement guidelines although these aren’t essential and I can guess more or less. Also a brief cooking instruction – be it grill or pan fry, that type of thing.


Pre – Exercise:

Exercise on an empty stomach mean more potential for fat burning as you avoid high blood glucose and insulin levels, both of which switch the fat burning machinery off
If you can’t exercise on an empty stomach try to make it around 3-4 hours after you last meal.
Keep up with hydration, of course and herbs teas and the like.
If you feel you energy is dropping then a strong coffee should give you enough boost to mentally attack your workout and exercise for the full 45-60 minutes you have planned

Post exercise:
Chicken, sweet potato and green beans.

Allow yourself some starchy carbohydrates to the tune of palm full, at the most 2 and no more.
So 2 slices of bread, a small baked sweet potatoes, along with 1 palm of protein (1 chicken breast) and lots of veggies and salad.
This allows a sensible amount of sugar to replenish muscle sugar, plus protein to repair damaged body tissues from the workout.
The veggies supply essential nutrients to protect cells against damage, for more info on these look up orac in a search engine.

To gain muscle you’ll need to fuel your workout.
Recent research suggests taking a pre-workout recovery drink is as effective as taking a post workout drink.
Best thing for maximal growth is to do both.

Take a ½ serving of recovery drink 15-20 minute before your weights workout and a normal serving afterwards.
Steak, rice and peas in mushroom sauce.
Once you’ve got back then the order of the day should be a good protein based meal, with a minimum of 2 palms worth of protein.
Along with this you’ll need plenty of starchy carbohydrates to create a positive calorie balance, but sensible sources and not excessive (you want to get strong, not fat – right)?
So stick to 2 palms of starchy carbohydrates at this time, basically no more than half a plate of rice or the like should do it.
PERFORM BETTER (for long duration endurance activity)

For this recipe I suggest, using a multi sugar loading strategy. This allow both long and short release sugars in the meal to provide short and long term energy release for your performance.

Once of the best ways to do this is:
Oats, milk, banana, and maple syrup – tastes great and mixed release loads of energy in this dish.
After the performance I’d suggest lot of fluids and then a big blow out.
Hydration is you first priority, after this replacing energy is next.
Pick a nice energy dense food sources you enjoy, pizza, Thai, roast dinner and enjoy it fully and then rest.
Aiming to eat 400g of carbohydrate within 4 hours of finishing these types of 2 hour+ endurance based events is a good place to start.

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