Kinetica Sprint Tri Championships – Valentia Island

Last weekend against the backdrop of amazing scenary and fantastic sunshine, the Kinetica Sprint Distance Triathlon took place on Valentia Island. Droves of athletes arrived early on the island to organise their gear with precision engineering for when they came out of transition. Once all athletes had strategically placed their garments, checked and re-checked their bikes, the Island ferry was on hand to bring them back to the main land for the start of the race. From a distance we could see hundreds of black swimsuits bobbling on the edge of the mainland, waiting for the race to begin. Once it did start, everyone bailed in to the sea. You have to witness these events in order to appraciate just how dedicated and disciplined these athletes really are.

As the first swimmer arrived out of the water,  the huge crowd who turned up to cheer everyone on suddenly came to life. One by one the swimmers arrived out of the water, trying to get their swimsuits off before mounting their bikes. The transition from swim to bike is actually quite stressful with cycling shoes falling off and then people getting rear ended. It is most definitely an art to get this part of the race to a tee.

With the race eventually breaking in to the run, we were loaded up with our 100% Recovery waiting for the athletes to come in. First past the tape was Kinetica sponsored Mark Nolan followed by Stephen Early and then Trevor Woods. Within the women’s section, Katie Cooke took the winners podium ahead of Aoife Lynch and Ellen Murphy who finished 3rd.

 Over all it was a fantastic event to be at, but for those who participated, many for the first time, it is a great achievement.


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