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Bryan Keane

Bryan Keane represents Ireland in the Modern Triathlon. Learn all about his journey thus far.


Bryan Keane




Cork, Ireland


Modern Triathlete

About the Modern Triathlon:

The Modern Triathlon is one of the toughest competitive sports in the world. It is a triple stage competition of various endurance disciplines spread over swimming cycling and running. Bryan’s main distances for the triathlon is a lung busting 1500 meters for swimming, a thigh burning 40K bike ride and to get past the finishing line he needs to complete a grueling 10K run.

History of the Modern Triathlon:

The first modern triathlon was at Mission Bay, San Diego, California in September 25, 1974. The idea of the swim/bike/run triathlon was conceived by Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan. This event generated interest from 46 participants and the sport has gone on from strength to strength ever since.

Bryan Keane

Bryan’s Journey:

Whilst training, Bryan was in an unfortunate car accident which forced him to miss two years of competitive action. Not to be deterred or disheartened, Bryan entered a strenuous rehab and physio regime to get himself back on the competitive triathlon circuit.

What does it mean to represent Ireland?

Representing Ireland means the world to Bryan and he sees it as a privilege to be able to represent his country of birth on the biggest stage of the world.

Nutrition for a triathlete:

As you can imagine, such an arduous sport requires a lot of energy meaning nutrition is crucial to a triathlete. Because of this, Bryan has a calorie rich diet of about 5000 calories a day which not only assists him with his training but also his recovery.

Advice for aspiring athletes:

The key advice that Bryan has for any aspiring athletes is to chase their dream and go after it to make the most of their abilities. Not only this but to also be consistent with their training and discipline.


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