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Great British Athlete | Desiree Henry | Kinetica Sports

Desiree Henry represents Great Britain as a 100m and 200m sprinter. Learn all about the latest addition to Team Kinetica and her journey.


Desiree Henry



London, England


100m & 200m sprinter

About 100m & 200m track sprint:

The 100m & 200m sprint races are considered two of the most exciting track and field events. Although the races are indeed quite short, there are years of hard work and dedication that each athlete puts in to ensure that when their moment on the track arrives, it does not pass them by in a flash.


How did Desiree get into athletics?

Desiree first got into athletics from a young age at 11 years old and was introduced to the sport at her school. It was here that she found herself to have a real talent for sprinting as she was considerably faster than all of the other girls at her school. After being scouted by her local team, Enfield and Haringey, Desiree made huge strides in her progression by becoming the professional athlete that you see today.

What is Desiree’s biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge that Desiree faces is staying healthy. In any sport it is vitally important to avoid injuries and stay healthy to ensure that you can train on a regular basis. Because of this, Desiree takes her training, nutrition and recovery as seriously as she can to avoid any injuries and disruption to her training regime. It is this reason why she feels it is the perfect time to partner with Kinetica to assist her with her nutrition and recovery.


What is the main advice she would give to aspiring athletes?

The main advice Desiree would give to aspiring athletes who want to reach their potential is to enjoy and embrace all the wonderful moments that they will take in during their career. Whether it is the experience of competing in front of friends and families or whether it is competing in front of huge crowds and arenas. The main advice would be to enjoy every moment. An athletes career can be over as quick as a 100m sprint so it is important to be thankful of the position you are in and take it all in your stride.

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