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Fuel your CrossFit WOD

Top 5 foods to prepare for a session

Hilary Riordan, Irish CrossFit athlete and owner of Guerilla Fitness Gym Cork looks at the top 5 foods to fuel your CrossFit WOD.

I train twice a day starting with 8am session. I have my breakfast at 6.45am to ensure I’m fuelled and ready to go.  My second training session begins at 4pm so I have a few “go to” foods that I like to have before the session to get the most from my workout.

Generally, before I train in the afternoon I like to have something about 45 mins before I get into my session.  The foods I choose to eat at this stage are generally easily digestible carbohydrates for a quick fuel boost and also high in protein to initiate muscle recovery. Here are a few examples:

Greek yoghurt with mixed berries – Spoon some yoghurt into a bowl and top with a mix of berries of your choice, you may also drizzle with a small bit of honey if desired

Bananas covered with almond butter – Peel a banana and spread a layer of almond butter or whichever choice of nut butter that you prefer.

Protein Porridge– Approximately 30 grams of porridge with a scoop of whey protein cooked in unsweetened almond milk. You can’t go wrong with chocolate protein!

Banana Pancake – Mix 1 banana and 2 eggs together into a little batter then pour onto a pan and cook a for a few minutes each side.  Cover with yoghurt and mixed berries.

Fruit smoothies – In a blender add half a banana, coconut milk, protein and some mixed berries and blend together. Add fruits to suit your personal preference.


All of the above are quick easy snacks that require very little preparation or time to make.  I also have a strong cup of black coffee before I train as I feel it gives me that extra little perk up I need before I hit up a workout.

For your post workout recovery you generally want to get plenty of protein and some carbohydrates into you within 20-60mins after you finish training.  This is the optimal time for improved recovery as the protein will help in repairing damaged muscle fibres and the carbohydrates will replenish your depleted glycogen stores.

My post workout routine is very simple, because I go from training straight into coaching I generally need something quick and easy.   So my go to is the Kinetica 100% Recov  shake in blackcurrant because it has a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein which is exactly what I need.

yogurt berries

Hydration is also a key point to note.  We all know we need to drink between 2.5-3 litres of water a day but you want to make sure that you are getting a consistent intake throughout the day.  If you drink a large amount of water just before you train you aren’t going to be as effectively hydrated as if you drank steadily throughout the day and it may also cause you to cramp during your workout.

So those are my go to foods.   I hope they will give you a few more ideas or options for your pre training fuel!

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