Weight Loss

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Rob Palmer’s Nutrient Timing

  After completing my last competition in February, I weighed a whopping 89.1 kg. I was more than happy with the lifts, which consisted of 3 British records and more importantly 3 personal bests on the squat, bench press and total. It took me a step closer to the big 900kg total that I have been chasing for the last 3-4 years. One problem – I lift in the 83kg class! I was 6.1kg overweight. The strongest I have ever been, but fatter. The EPF European championship is being held... Read More

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One of the biggest myths I hear in gyms worldwide is that aerobics is the best form of exercise for fat loss. In my experience, strength training is simply a better long-term form of exercise than aerobic training. Latest studies have shown that performing strength training burns more fat by increasing fat oxidation during training and after the actual session. For the fastest body fat loss I use a protocol of whole-body functional strength training three times per week and combine this with sprint interval training for both male and... Read More

Weight Loss – Meal Plan

MONDAY Breakfast 160g porridge, 4 strawberries and 7 blueberries Morning Snack Kinetica Protein Bar (Orange Flavour) Calories (per 60g bar): 205kcals Protein: 20g Carbohydrate: 19.2g Fat: 7.7g Toffee flavour also available PLUS Kinetica Fat Burner Tablets (x4) Lunch 1 chicken breast and roasted vegetables (40g butternut squash, 30g carrots, 40g parsnips) Post-Training Kinetica Recovery (Blackcurrant) Calories (based upon a 75g serving): 267kcals Protein: 24.8g Carbohydrate: 41.3g Fat: 0.3g Dinner 300g Spaghetti bolognaise with wholewheat pasta Evening Snack (if required) 10 strawberries with 20g Total 0% yoghurt Total calories (approx.) Calories:... Read More

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Men’s Health recipe article

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. So 6 recipes in total with anything else recipe wise you might have on file thrown in for good measure. They can be really simple stuff like bowl of weetbix with yoghurt or complex which ever you think is appropriate. Would be good to have measurement guidelines although these aren’t essential and I can guess more or less. Also a brief cooking instruction – be it grill or pan fry, that type of thing. LOSE WEIGHT Pre – Exercise:... Read More