Toning Up

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5 Benefits of Weightlifting for Women (with The Blonde Ethos)

No longer is the weight section of the gym just for the guys: female weightlifting seems to be having a moment right now as the benefits of strength training and building lean muscle mass are better understood. Here we look at the top 5 reasons why you should consider making weightlifting a part of your health and fitness regime, and some insights from Natalie Goodchild of the health and fitness blog The Blonde Ethos on the difference weightlifting has made to her fitness.   1.      Stronger Bone Structure   Osteoporosis... Read More

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Preparation Is Vital For Fat Loss

I often get asked this question about what I eat on a daily basis, especially when I am busy and with seemingly limited time to prepare quite a lot of food for my day. The guys at Kinetica asked me to give the customers a snapshot of what my typical day looks like. I have to admit, I spend a lot of money on food and with good reason.  I would rather fuel the human machine and make it function as it was designed.  Too many people complain they can’t... Read More

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Nutrient Timing (NT) Theory

Masters Level Exercise Scientist and Kinetica Sports Ambassador Jon Denoris has put together an informative article based on research by Ivy and Portman on The Nutrient Timing (NT) Theory. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this theory, you can read over Jon’s piece which will give you a little insight to the latest in cutting-edge nutrition theory, for maximising strength and performance gains earned in the gym.  Learn why WHEN you eat may be even more important than WHAT you eat… If you take your training seriously, and want to get... Read More

Toning up – Meal Plan

MONDAY Breakfast Banana smoothie (made with 1 scoop of whey protein, 2 bananas, 125ml plain bio yoghurt, water to reach required consistency (approx. 250ml)) and 10 almonds PLUS Kinetica Fat Burner Tablets (x4) Mid-Morning Snack Kinetica Protein Bar (Orange Flavour) Calories (per 60g bar): 205kcals Protein: 20g Carbohydrate: 19.2g Fat: 7.7g Toffee flavour also available Lunch 220ml Tomato and basil soup Post Training Kinetica Recovery (Blackcurrant) Calories (based upon a 75g serving): 267kcals Protein: 24.8g Carbohydrate: 41.3g Fat: 0.3g Dinner 150g Chicken skewers and 100g brown rice Evening Snack (if... Read More