BRYAN KEANE – The Road to (100%)Recovery

Since a serious accident on his bike last year Bryan Keane is now back on the road. Its difficult to imagine when you look at these images how much damage was physically done, luckily his training times have continued to improve as he gets back to the ‘job’ he loves. Below you will find Bryan in his own words and his blog and website are well worth a visit.. if you like triathlons and have a GSOH! “This summer (2009) Bryan Keane finally reached some of the goals he set... Read More

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Nutrition for Triathlon

Nutrition for Triathlon – a different spin for your wheels I’m always interested in way to maximize performance – and nutrition for endurance based sports is an area I really enjoy working in. I’ve helped some guys complete the marathon de sable, various stages of the tour de France, Triathletes and plenty of marathon based runners. These guys vary from competitive athletes to recreational runners – they are all after one thing, better performances. Once you start questioning them though they normally start complaining of other ailments, fatigue, excess body... Read More