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Fuelling the difference for Endurance Events

One of the fantastic things about working with Kinetica Sports Nutrition is the interaction you get to have with so many incredible athletes and nutrition experts. It seems like a shame to waste so much collective wisdom so we have decided to pass on what they have taught us in terms of tips for preparing for endurance events. Do Of course, it is obvious, but do train – there is no such thing as cramming for an endurance event. It takes time and patience to prepare – if it was... Read More

Bryan Keane 29/06/2016
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Irish Triathlete Bryan Keane | Kinetica Sports

Bryan Keane represents Ireland in the Modern Triathlon. Learn all about his journey thus far. Name: Bryan Keane Age: 35 From: Cork, Ireland Occupation: Modern Triathlete About the Modern Triathlon: The Modern Triathlon is one of the toughest competitive sports in the world. It is a triple stage competition of various endurance disciplines spread over swimming cycling and running. Bryan’s main distances for the triathlon is a lung busting 1500 meters for swimming, a thigh burning 40K bike ride and to get past the finishing line he needs to complete a... Read More

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The Life of Bryan: Part 4

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: I said goodbye to sunny Ireland last week for the even sunnier Spain. I’m out here right now with my Australian training group for the last 11 weeks of my season, with four races left, so the big push is on. Having had to live out of a bag for 5 months in Australia earlier on in the year, I decided that I didn’t like having only 2 t-shirts to wear so I loaded up the car and took the boat to Spain. Off... Read More

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The Life of Bryan: Part 1

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: Right now I’m really happy.  4th place in my first World Cup Race this season, 32 seconds behind last year’s Olympic silver medallist Javier Gomez. I am finally back in the game. Let me rewind a little. Growing up I was into everything; my mother often says if there was a three-legged race being run I’d be out to win it. I swam, rowed, cycled and sailed. I ran right through my teens, and was a particularly good cross country runner, representing Ireland at... Read More

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Ultra Distance Tips

With Kinetica Sports heavily involved in a number of ultra endurance events such as the Gower Triathlon, Montane 50/100 and The Sandman, we got Elite Sports Nutritionist and Kinetica Sports ambassador Matt Lovell to offer  tips on competing in Ultra races.Ultra activities are very, very different to other forms of endurance – the rules change, the substrates (forms of fuel) change and different strategies need to be employed to maintain optimum performance during these events.  Here are a few thoughts I have on the subject;  Ultra endurance events require a higher level of... Read More

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TriAthy 2012

It has been a busy period for Kinetica Sports when it comes to the triathlon season both back in Ireland and also in the UK. There will be no let up either, as we have some fantastic events coming up again over the next two months. Speaking of a great event, we recently participated at the TriAthy in Co. Kildare over the June Bank Holiday. With over 2000 participants taking part in the event, a combination of the try-a-tri, Olympic Distance and Double Olympic Distance  Triathlon, Athy was awash with eager seasoned tri-athletes... Read More


Nutrition for Triathlon (Part 2) Fuelling Recovery

Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell, has put together this article that will offer professional insight on that will aid recovery after a Triathlon, or any endurance event. Nutrition for Triathlon – Fuelling Recovery is the second article by Matt that can be used as a guideline for your training. Fuelling Recovery Carbohydrate replenishment to fuel subsequent days racing must begin immediately post training. This may better consumed as a series of smaller servings, rather than a large meal, while it becomes increasingly important as the competition goes on, to provide quality... Read More


Triathlon Nutrition – Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail (Part 1)

Nutrition for Triathlon  Triathlon Triathlon is fast increasing in popularity amongst those wanting to test themselves to their limits! I frequently work with motivated over-achieving executives who have decided to test their physical faculties to their maximum, to compliment the professional and mental challenges they already face! Fail to prepare for competition and you really are preparing to fail, as competing in this event will require a high intensity of exercise, combined with endurance. Sprint distance triathlons, the shortest (but possible the highest intensity if you perform maximally…)  consists of... Read More

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As these pictures illustrate we spent a day holed up in studios in the West End with award winning photographer Dirk Rees ( Our new advertising campaign stays true to the values that we stand for – to produce the best quality and best tasting sports nutrition product in the market. The ads will be split between our two main categories Power + Strength and Endurance + Recovery. A big shout out to Ben Youngs (Leicester Tigers and England) and Fraser Cartmell (UK Ironman Champion) who both excelled in front... Read More

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Kinetica Sports are delighted to announce the signing of three time Ironman 70.3 UK winner Fraser Cartmell. When a triathlete has the pedigree of Fraser its not difficult to see why Kinetica would want the experience and know how of the UK’s finest. For his part having spent the Winter in Stellenbosch his return to competitive action this year will be at the 70.3 race in Exmoor June 19th. In the meantime we will be supplying all of Frasers’ nutritional needs. To celebrate Fraser joining the Kinetica team, until 20th... Read More