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We were reminded today that changes in the Sports Nutrition market will be beneficial for Kinetica. The material cost of our main ingredient whey has rocketed in price. However since we are owned by Carbery and have one of the largest production units in Europe we are confident of price stability over the coming months. See above competitor Press Release Added to that the fact that our protein is produced from grass fed cattle in Ireland and you can see that Carbery’s popular phrase “from cow to can” is not only... Read More


Protein intakes and timing

The Case for Quality Protein Supplements: Timing, Trauma and Quality To summarise the following article, The following considerations should be accounted for when considering protein intakes: 1) Timing is the most important determinant on sporting performance gains, rather than total intake. This highlights a useful role for supplementation. 2) Not all protein is equal: Protein quality determines the effect of protein 3) Sports where trauma, strength and endurance are considered in combination would theoretically increase protein demands further One of the major influences of protein metabolism is timing of dietary... Read More

Protein – Are you getting enough to get big?

‘How much protein should I be eating if I want to build muscle?’ It’ss one of the most common questions I get asked and the area where most people are going wrong in their attempts to build extra mass. In all probability you’re not eating as much as I would recommend. In all the years of working with over 500 professional rugby players I’ve only come across a handful who were eating as much as I advise. There are lots of MYTHS and UNTRUTH’s surrounding protein consumption one of the... Read More