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    Nutrient Timing (NT) Theory

    Masters Level Exercise Scientist and Kinetica Sports Ambassador Jon Denoris has put together an informative article based on research by Ivy and Portman on The Nutrient Timing (NT) Theory. For those of you who are…

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    Marathon Tips: Nutrition

    With the London Marathon taking place this weekend, Kinetica Ambassador and Elite Sports Nutritionist, Matt Lovell has come up with some nutrition tips that you should keep in mind when preparing for…

  • Nutrition Our Ambassadors


    As these pictures illustrate we spent a day holed up in studios in the West End with award winning photographer Dirk Rees ( Our new advertising campaign stays true to the…

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    Protein intakes and timing

    The Case for Quality Protein Supplements: Timing, Trauma and Quality To summarise the following article, The following considerations should be accounted for when considering protein intakes: 1) Timing is the most…

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    Nutrition for Triathlon

    Nutrition for Triathlon – a different spin for your wheels I’m always interested in way to maximize performance – and nutrition for endurance based sports is an area I really enjoy…

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    Men’s Health recipe article

    If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. So 6 recipes in total with anything else recipe wise you might have on file thrown in for good measure.…

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    Men’s fitness August 06 diet plan

    Building muscle requires building blocks and these come directly from protein. You can’t build muscle directly out of fat or carbohydrate. Next you need to ensure adequate calories in order that…