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Men’s Health recipe article

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. So 6 recipes in total with anything else recipe wise you might have on file thrown in for good measure. They can be really simple stuff like bowl of weetbix with yoghurt or complex which ever you think is appropriate. Would be good to have measurement guidelines although these aren’t essential and I can guess more or less. Also a brief cooking instruction – be it grill or pan fry, that type of thing. LOSE WEIGHT Pre – Exercise:... Read More

Men’s fitness August 06 diet plan

Building muscle requires building blocks and these come directly from protein. You can’t build muscle directly out of fat or carbohydrate. Next you need to ensure adequate calories in order that you maintain a growth environment for muscle. The trick here is not to over-eat as then you may gain muscle but you’ll also gain fat too. Eating plenty of calories directly after working out and for 2-3 hours after, sets up processes that keeps the muscle growing following your training session.  All you need to do then is keep... Read More

Things you could eat based on discussion

Amounts and recipes are not included, for a full list of recipes aimed at a muscle building diet please email You’ll have to use your own preferences and cooking skills to find your way around these suggestions but it give you a picture of the type of things to choose at various times of the day. MEAL SUGGESTION 1 SUGGESTION 2 SUGGESTION 3 Breakfast Omelette; using omega eggs, with onions peppers and tuna Porridge / Muesli with why protein mixed into milk* Smoothie; using yoghurt, fruit, oats or another... Read More

Magnesium : dietary sources

Food Name Magnesium per 100 g Seeds – Pumpkin/Squash – Dried 535 mg Cereal – 100% Bran 473 mg Seeds – Sunflower – Dried 353 mg Seeds – Sesame – Dried – Whole 351 mg Cereal – Wheat Germ – Toasted 320 mg Nuts – Almonds – Shelled – Chopped 296 mg Nuts – Filbert/Hazel – Dried – Chopped 285 mg Nuts – Cashews – Dry Roasted 260 mg Nuts – Brazil – Dried – Shelled 225 mg Seaweed -Spirulina – Dried 195 mg Nuts – Peanuts – Spanish –... Read More


Leucine is one of the 8 essential amino acids which means they cannot be manufactured by the body so therefore must be ingested. Due to its molecular structure, Leucine is classified as a “branched chain amino acid” along with valine and iso-leucine. Unlike other amino acids, the branched chain amino acids are metabolized in the muscle and not the liver. Thus, when ingested they are absorbed and transported unchanged directly to the muscle. They make up approximately 1/3 of skeletal muscle and have been shown to have significant anti-catabolic properties.... Read More

Diet Plan

DAY 1 BREAKFAST: Oat so Simple – 1 sachet 1 Cup semi skimmed milk 1 Scoop of whey protein 1 cup of Chinese green tea, you can drink as many cups of Chinese green tea in a day as you like Mid-morning Snack: 1 apple 20 almonds LUNCH: 2 mackerel fillets (or other fish if Mackerel is too fishy) ½ cucumber 1oz or approx. 1 handful of pine nuts 1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise ½ tablespoon horseradish sauce 1 yellow pepper 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper Combine the mackerel, mayonnaise and... Read More

Muscle Building Nutritional Plan

Total per day = 2750 kcal per day 2.2g protein per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 187g per day 4-5g carbs per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 340g per day* 1g fat per kg/body weight based on a 85kg man: 85g per day 6 meals per day Some days we have come in below this suggested guideline. The amount of carbohydrate we’ve recommended is high considering that most people struggle to do the amount of exercise needed to burn this type of amount of carbohydrate. You’ll need to... Read More