Matt Lovell

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Overtraining and how to prevent it

“Go hard or go home” is well known motivational phrase that you would hear countless of times. However, it is important to know when the right time go hard is and when it is the right time to go home. It is very easy to over train your body and not get the sufficient recovery time needed to ensure that your muscles properly grow and develop. Overtraining is linked with a number of factors such as immune suppression, glycogen depletion, performance incompetence, and negative impacts on mood. There are a... Read More


Stay on the ball (Don’t take the off season off)

As the sun continues to shine and the World Cup sticks you to the sofa we caught up with Matt Lovell, currently sprinting round London Fields daily…. “Tiredness and fatigue often start compromising your chances of making fitness gains and overtraining is a real threat.  There is a clear benefit in taking some full rest to allow the neuromuscular system to recover from the year’s match-schedule, training and diet.  Overtraining also has many psychological effects, so some rest will help keep you mentally fresh. However, too much absolute rest will... Read More

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Matt Lovell’s tips for a guilt free Christmas

We all find comfort foods give us an instant hit of pleasure. They are tasty, sustaining, filling – orgasmic, even. So how can they possibly be healthy? One of the things that tells your brain it really likes this stuff (and wants more, more, more of it) is the evil grouping of fat, sugar and salt contained within. In recent studies it has been shown to be more addictive than crack cocaine – well, it works on similar pathways, anyway. So is it possible to examine the food groups we need... Read More