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Coconut & Lime Limited Edition whey protein flavour

Summer may be over but we are not willing to let go yet ! Clinging to the last few rays we are introducing a tropical new taste with our Coconut and Lime limited edition Whey Protein. Inspired by the two refreshing tropical flavours, our Coconut and Lime whey protein will whisk you away to a hot beach overlooking the cool sea breeze. Our limited edition flavour perfectly blends together smooth coconut with the citrus flavour of lime making it the perfect refreshing post -workout supplement.  As with all Kinetica whey proteins... Read More

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A Question of Taste

  Sports science is having an increasing impact in the world of business, and the area of sports nutrition is no exception. Top sportsmen and women are always looking at ways of improving their performance, and do so in the knowledge that their bodies are similar to a Formula 1 car – no matter how good the engine and the driver, if you put in the wrong fuel, it won’t perform very well! As a consequence, athletes from all sports are always looking for new nutritional supplements that might give... Read More


Fast, Medium & Slow Release Proteins: The Way Ahead

  Kinetica PRORELEASE Kinetica Sports is rooted by an ethos of innovation and new product development. Concentrating on the creation of products that consumers want and need, and subsequently delivering those products to the market is at the centre of our focus. So, we kicked off 2013 with the launch of PRORELEASE, our smooth-tasting shake that has been scientifically designed with a balanced blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins. Using the highest standard of milk, egg and whey proteins in a unique ratio, Kinetica have produced an award-winning product... Read More