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In Season Strength Training To Keep You On The Pitch

It’s 2 weeks to go before the new season starts and I bet your already experiencing the Sunday morning shuffle as you try to recover before another week of training.You have already ‘felt’ that the standard of rugby in the amateur (and professional) game is on the rise.  The demand from coaches to get bigger, stronger and faster now falls on the shoulder of every player regardless of position. However. There is no point in having all that ‘pre season’ mass if you can’t move it around the pitch for... Read More

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How Much Protein Should You Eat?

I’m often asked how much protein you should eat if you want to build muscle. There’s a lot of myths about this that have been built up over the years, one of the most common myths is that your body can only consume 30g of protein at a time, any more than that and you just end up weeing out the amino acids. This is one of the oldest myths around and it came about due to a paper that was published that reported those findings (I’ve not been able... Read More


Get Active This Advent

Yup it’s party season again. For us guys, this is an especially chaotic and disorganised time, and this is none more apparent than in the gym. At this time of year, most high street gyms look more like the Marie Celeste. It’s the perfect recipe for “exercise attrition” (read: dropping out of your fitness programme altogether). This Xmas I’m going to show you that it is possible to party hard and still recognise yourself in the mirror come January 1st. Whilst I know that December probably won’t be the time... Read More

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HYPERTROPHY: Are you doing the correct training for athletic development?

We recently supplied Kinetica product to Rob Palmer Strength and Conditioning coach at London Irish and Internationally ranked GB Power Lifter – he is in a unique position to explain how different types of muscle profile are relevant for different sports…. “In all sports it is imperative to achieve your optimal body mass for success, there is a common theme through all sports, top sprinters will weigh around 80-85kg . Look at the last crop of world record holders over 100m, Ben Johnson (81kg), Donovan Bailey (82kg), Maurice Greene (82kg),... Read More

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One of the biggest myths I hear in gyms worldwide is that aerobics is the best form of exercise for fat loss. In my experience, strength training is simply a better long-term form of exercise than aerobic training. Latest studies have shown that performing strength training burns more fat by increasing fat oxidation during training and after the actual session. For the fastest body fat loss I use a protocol of whole-body functional strength training three times per week and combine this with sprint interval training for both male and... Read More

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The business end of the season – stay hydrated!!

Like so many sports it becomes all or nothing at this point in the season whatever sport you play in whatever league. Many do not have the opportunity like Arsenal, for instance to be knocked out of three competitions so quickly and yet still be in the running to win the Premier League, for most of us the mediocrity of mid table plays out in the final weeks. Here at Kinetica we are building toward the end of the season, having an Irish heritage and sponsoring Leicester has created some... Read More


Specialist sports supplement brand KINETICA reveals its top fitness predictions to make an impact on sport and fitness in the UK for 2011. In collaboration with Jon Denoris, personal trainer to the stars and KINETICA fitness ambassador KINETICA defines the future of fitness by identifying key trends which will be influencing the way the UK will be exercising in the New Year. 1. Junkyard Workout Influenced by the recession and the reduction of disposable income – people are beginning to use everyday outdoor objects i.e. sandbags, wheelbarrows etc to create... Read More

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Nutrition for Triathlon

Nutrition for Triathlon – a different spin for your wheels I’m always interested in way to maximize performance – and nutrition for endurance based sports is an area I really enjoy working in. I’ve helped some guys complete the marathon de sable, various stages of the tour de France, Triathletes and plenty of marathon based runners. These guys vary from competitive athletes to recreational runners – they are all after one thing, better performances. Once you start questioning them though they normally start complaining of other ailments, fatigue, excess body... Read More

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Men’s Health recipe article

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. So 6 recipes in total with anything else recipe wise you might have on file thrown in for good measure. They can be really simple stuff like bowl of weetbix with yoghurt or complex which ever you think is appropriate. Would be good to have measurement guidelines although these aren’t essential and I can guess more or less. Also a brief cooking instruction – be it grill or pan fry, that type of thing. LOSE WEIGHT Pre – Exercise:... Read More

Muscle building article for Men’s fitness

Total per day = 2750 kcal per day 2.2g protein per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 187g per day 4-5g carbs per kg/body weight based on 85kg man: 340g per day* 1g fat per kg/body weight based on a 85kg man: 85g per day 6 meals per day Some days we have come in below this suggested guideline as it is high considering that most people struggle to do the amount of exercise needed to burn this type of amount of carbohydrate. So if fat loss is your goal... Read More