All things Be:Fit and a quick protein smoothie recipe!

Kinetica Brand Ambassador Juliana Conci-Mitchell was with us on stand for Be:Fit London ! After chatting to hundreds of women about health fitness and of course protein, Juliana filled us in on the event. I really enjoyed chatting to everyone at the show and we had great fun with the Kinetica challenge. Holding 2 tubs of 1.8kg whey is not an easy task but the prize was worth it (check out the pictures here)! One thing that struck me was the number of women who still equate protein to bulking... Read More

Kinetica Goodies for The Training Lab: Set Standards Summit 15/12/2014

Top Tips from S&C Expert Andy McKenzie’s Set Standards Summit

The Training Lab: Set Standards Summit Dec 2014 By James Lee On Sunday December 7th a group of like-minded fitness professionals all with mince pies in tow (they definitely fit the macros), arrived to Andy McKenzie’s The Training Lab for the Set Standards Summit 2014.  With 7 speakers on a range of topics, attendee James Lee filled us in on the day. First up was Felix Ma presenting on his experience of attending a business.  His top tip was don’t be afraid to approach companies/websites to ask if you can... Read More

Andy McKenzie 20/11/2014
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Top Tips from Strength and Conditioning Expert Andy McKenzie Iron Mac Fitness

We have top tips from our Strength and Conditioning expert Andy McKenzie Iron Mac Fitness    1. PRESS UP  The tip here is how to create tension before each push. Bracing the abdominals and squeezing the glutes will keep the spine in line- keeping you tight and light. Press Up is more than building a strong chest and shoulders- it can and should work the core for maximum effect.   2. Grip Challenge for Chin Ups Kinetica S&C expert Andy McKenzie has a grip challenge for the next 2 weeks…it’s... Read More

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Ronan McLaughlin’s Nutritional Blog (Interim)

Written by Kinetica fuelled, An Post CRC cyclist Ronan McLaughlin. After looking into pre-race nutrition in my last piece, I will be writing about how I fuel myself during a stage today. The energy I took on with my breakfast would be enough to fuel me at race pace for between one and two hours, but because we need to race for up to five or six hours at a time in some of the longer races it’s important to keep right on top of fuelling from the start. I... Read More

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Ronan McLaughlin’s Nutritional Blog (Pre-Race)

Written by Kinetica fuelled, An Post CRC cyclist Ronan McLaughlin.   The An Post Ras has rolled around for another year and another cracking eight days of racing is on the cards. I am highly motivated for the Ras this year after going close to getting a stage win last year and also as part of the An Post Chain Reaction Cycles Sean Kelly Team this is our home race and one of the few opportunities we get to race on Irish soil throughout the season. Throughout the week I... Read More

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The Life of Bryan: Part 1

Written by Kinetica ambassador Bryan Keane: Right now I’m really happy.  4th place in my first World Cup Race this season, 32 seconds behind last year’s Olympic silver medallist Javier Gomez. I am finally back in the game. Let me rewind a little. Growing up I was into everything; my mother often says if there was a three-legged race being run I’d be out to win it. I swam, rowed, cycled and sailed. I ran right through my teens, and was a particularly good cross country runner, representing Ireland at... Read More

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Building the Bulls: A Review to Date

After a very successful pre-season under the guidance of Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Clough and Head Coach Francis Cummins, we are now 6 games into our 2013 Super League campaign. So where have we come from and where are we now from a nutritional perspective? The squad came together in early November, following some initial testing, when our pre-season period began. Pre-season was very tough on the boys as they were performing multiple sessions a day, generally consisting of gym based strength/power/hypertrophy work, pitch and gym based fitness blocks,... Read More

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Rob Palmer’s Nutrient Timing

  After completing my last competition in February, I weighed a whopping 89.1 kg. I was more than happy with the lifts, which consisted of 3 British records and more importantly 3 personal bests on the squat, bench press and total. It took me a step closer to the big 900kg total that I have been chasing for the last 3-4 years. One problem – I lift in the 83kg class! I was 6.1kg overweight. The strongest I have ever been, but fatter. The EPF European championship is being held... Read More


Swing & Squat Savagery

Having a target number for a session will always keep you focused – but there has to be more than just reaching a number. This month’s kettlebell workout also teaches you how to work the right muscles when exercising, and it’s in a style known as pain assisted learning (PAL). Think it sounds nasty? It is, but it’s also seriously effective. THE WORKOUT Use a 24kg kettlebell and some Liquid Grip, which will help to stop the bell from slipping from your hands whe you sweat. For sets and reps... Read More

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The Patella Tendon: A Common Rugby Injury, Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Rob Palmer, Elite Powerlifter and Head of Strength and Conditioning at London Irish offers his knowledge and expertise on an injury that is common within Rugby. Within this article, he also devises a training programme that can be done which strengthens this part of the knee.   In rugby, injuries are commonplace, at present we have a handful of players out with various injuries both upper and lower body with time out from rugby ranging from 2-10 weeks. Some of the most common injuries we have seen this season are overload injuries relating to patella tendons, commonly... Read More