Fuel your CrossFit WOD

Top 5 foods to prepare for a session Hilary Riordan, Irish CrossFit athlete and owner of Guerilla Fitness Gym Cork looks at the top 5 foods to fuel your CrossFit WOD. I train twice a day starting with 8am session. I have my breakfast at 6.45am to ensure I’m fuelled and ready to go.  My second training session begins at 4pm so I have a few “go to” foods that I like to have before the session to get the most from my workout. Generally, before I train in the... Read More


5 Tips for a CrossFit novice

CrossFit athlete  Hilary Riordan age 27,  competed at the Meridian CrossFit Regional ( Europe, Asia and Africia)  in Copenhagen in May 2015 placing 20th out of over 8,000 competitors. Owner of Guerilla Fitness CrossFit gym in Ireland, Hilary has shared her top tips for anyone wanting to start out in Cross Fit. “If you are thinking about giving CrossFit ago just go for it. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of awesomeness to gain, you will thank me later!”   You do NOT need to be fit to start... Read More