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Kinetica Goodies for The Training Lab: Set Standards Summit 15/12/2014

Top Tips from S&C Expert Andy McKenzie’s Set Standards Summit

The Training Lab: Set Standards Summit Dec 2014 By James Lee On Sunday December 7th a group of like-minded fitness professionals all with mince pies in tow (they definitely fit the macros), arrived to Andy McKenzie’s The Training Lab for the Set Standards Summit 2014.  With 7 speakers on a range of topics, attendee James Lee filled us in on the day. First up was Felix Ma presenting on his experience of attending a business.  His top tip was don’t be afraid to approach companies/websites to ask if you can... Read More

Andy McKenzie 20/11/2014
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Top Tips from Strength and Conditioning Expert Andy McKenzie Iron Mac Fitness

We have top tips from our Strength and Conditioning expert Andy McKenzie Iron Mac Fitness    1. PRESS UP  The tip here is how to create tension before each push. Bracing the abdominals and squeezing the glutes will keep the spine in line- keeping you tight and light. Press Up is more than building a strong chest and shoulders- it can and should work the core for maximum effect.   2. Grip Challenge for Chin Ups Kinetica S&C expert Andy McKenzie has a grip challenge for the next 2 weeks…it’s... Read More


Swing & Squat Savagery

Having a target number for a session will always keep you focused – but there has to be more than just reaching a number. This month’s kettlebell workout also teaches you how to work the right muscles when exercising, and it’s in a style known as pain assisted learning (PAL). Think it sounds nasty? It is, but it’s also seriously effective. THE WORKOUT Use a 24kg kettlebell and some Liquid Grip, which will help to stop the bell from slipping from your hands whe you sweat. For sets and reps... Read More

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Preparation Is Vital For Fat Loss

I often get asked this question about what I eat on a daily basis, especially when I am busy and with seemingly limited time to prepare quite a lot of food for my day. The guys at Kinetica asked me to give the customers a snapshot of what my typical day looks like. I have to admit, I spend a lot of money on food and with good reason.  I would rather fuel the human machine and make it function as it was designed.  Too many people complain they can’t... Read More


Minimal Equipment – Maximum Results

  The average commercial gym on a Monday night should simply be renamed ‘international chest and triceps’ due to the amount of young men that really should be squatting or deadlifting to take advantage of some much need GH release for the remainder of their training week, but I will save that for another article. So, rather than extend your session as you wait for equipment, let’s get out of the gym and try something new that will not only freshen up your routine, but help you to develop and... Read More