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Back in February, Kinetica and Rugby World got together to offer a grass roots rugby team a great opportunity to be participate in training day at London Irish.  The winners of this competition was Sussex One team Burgess Hill RFC who are in their 50th season. The club had come so close in recent years to gaining promotion but the play offs was to be their stumbling block.

The day at Irish was something that Burgess will not forget, and one that every muscle in their bodies would remember for a lifetime. The legendary Shaun Edwards, defence coach at Irish,  put the guys through a gruelling session of smashing tackle bags. The punishing session did not stop there as sled pushing and grappling was also on the menu rather than a curry. This was followed by a  fast sprint to the bushes, not part of the training, but for a rest and an exercise on getting sick.

From the resulting training session, two of the Burgess players, Joe Schofield and Jake Roberts, decided to take part in a Kinetica test. Kinetica would supply the two guys with our whey protein, Complete and 100% Recovery products for the season and, also provide a few tips on training and foods to incorporate in to their diets. Before we could supply our tips we asked Jake and Joe to provide us with their food “nutrition” diary for a week. We asked the two guys to be as honest with everything and it has to be said they were upfront with what they ate and drank. When we did get both records of their weekly plan, we did look at it with horror and then thought Gillian McKeith would love a chat with these two guys.











Player Profile: Joe Schofield

Plays at six or seven. 5ft 10in. Age 19 . He works behind the bar at a golf course and also does a spot of gardening/tree work.
Besides club training he does the occasional run. He intends to start timing himself at 5km. He wants to run 3km in 12 mins and 5km in 21mins. He smokes up to 20 a day but says he wants to stop and has apparently been to the doctor as a first step in this direction.

On match days he doesn’t eat anything before a game because of nerves. Perhaps a banana at most. Drinks lots of fluid – water/Lucozade/Gatorade/Powerade. During the actual game he drinks water.
Typically skips breakfast but would have a bacon/sausage/egg baguette at work. Dinner might be prawn stir-fry with brown rice. He eats a lot of white bread.

  • Height – 5 10″
  • Weight – 11st 10lbs
  • Chest – 37″
  • Waist – 32″
  • Body Fat – 20%

An example of Joe’s match day diet is as follows. 1 litre of water, water during match, chicken curry after, cheese burger with chips, 1 pint of Foster, 1 pint of Guinness, 3 pints of water.

Joe’s Sunday nutrition makes for grim reading, it  is as follows:

  • 4 cups of coffee
  • 1 litre water
  • Toast
  • Steak and Guinness Pie
  • Apple,
  • Burger King
  • 4 beers
  • 16 jäger bombs
  • Sambuca shots
  • VK bottles  

Player Profile: Jake Roberts

Jake is a  fly-half/centre. 5ft 10in and 14 stone 5lbs. Age 19
Attends club training sessions twice a week but nothing else. Jake’s diet consists of fast food, crisps and beer at weekends. During games he feels fine for first half but shattered for second half. Drinks Lucozade and lots of water during games. Has a good breakfast on match day – eg Weetabix and bananas, or a protein shake. His dad, 47, is in the gym all the time. Jake does the very occasional weights session. His coach calls him a talented and natural athlete but very unfit.

  • Height – 5 10″
  • Weight – 14 stone 5lbs
  • Body Fat – 26.6%
  • Chest – 42″
  • Waist – 38″

An example of Jake’s  diet consists of, 2 Weetabix with 6 spoons of sugar, high energy drink prior to game. After the game it would be cold chicken/ham meal with potatoes and salad, cheese and biscuits, 2 packets of crisps, half a french stick with butter. The food would then be washed down with a bottle of bulmers and 2 pints of larger.

In their first game of the season, Burgess Hill’s first and second teams both tasted victories, the first XV winning 43-8 against Midhurt, while the second XV beat Hellingly 30-19. Both Jake and Joe played for the seconds and by all accounts were “stand out ” performers.We will be closely monitoring the guys over the season to see their progress as well as updating the blog to see how they are performing.


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