All things Be:Fit and a quick protein smoothie recipe!

Kinetica Brand Ambassador Juliana Conci-Mitchell

was with us on stand for Be:Fit London !

After chatting to hundreds of women about health fitness and of course protein, Juliana filled us in on the event.

I really enjoyed chatting to everyone at the show and we had great fun with the Kinetica challenge. Holding 2 tubs of 1.8kg whey is not an easy task but the prize was worth it (check out the pictures here)!

One thing that struck me was the number of women who still equate protein to bulking or getting bigger. Unless you drastically increase your calorie in-take and couple that with a heavy strength and conditioning based regime you won’t become bulky or bigger.

Training takes it’s toll on your body and you should reward your body and any aching muscles with  a healthy protein boost! A whey protein shake is a quick and convenient way of increasing your protein intake and help you achieve your fitness goals. You can mix whey with skimmed milk or water but my favourite has to be adding a scoop to my smoothie!


1 scoop Thermo Whey Peach Yogurt

180g  frozen strawberries

180g frozen blueberries

15g Chia Seeds

1100ml Yogurt

1100ml Water or Coconut Water


The added ground oats in Thermo Whey will help you feel fuller for longer & with the addition of lean actives ( Green Tea, CLA and L-Carnitine) it works to help you to define and shape your body.

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

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