June 2016

Bryan Keane 29/06/2016
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Irish Triathlete Bryan Keane | Kinetica Sports

Bryan Keane represents Ireland in the Modern Triathlon. Learn all about his journey thus far. Name: Bryan Keane Age: 35 From: Cork, Ireland Occupation: Modern Triathlete About the Modern Triathlon: The Modern Triathlon is one of the toughest competitive sports in the world. It is a triple stage competition of various endurance disciplines spread over swimming cycling and running. Bryan’s main distances for the triathlon is a lung busting 1500 meters for swimming, a thigh burning 40K bike ride and to get past the finishing line he needs to complete a... Read More


Natalya Coyle

Representing Ireland in the Modern Pentathlon, read all about the latest addition to Team Kinetica: Natalya Coyle. Name: Natalya Coyle Age: 25 From: County Meath, Ireland. Occupation: Modern Pentathlete About the Modern Pentathlete: The Modern Pentathlon consists of 5 sports: Fencing, Swimming, Show Jumping, Shooting and Running: 1. Fencing: Round Robin format meaning everybody places each other once. Each match lasts up to 1 minute  with whoever scoring the first hit winning the game. 2. Swimming: 200 metre freestyle. As quick as you can with any stroke you like. 3. Show Jumping: Involves riding... Read More


Kinetica Berry Smoothie

As the weather (sort of) heats up, we have the perfect refreshing smoothie for you. Packed full of nutrients and protein. Make sure you try it! Put all of the below in a blender and blend well. Makes two servings. Milk 250ml Mixed Berries 100g Mango 75g Whey Protein Strawberry 1.5 scoops A few cubes of ice Nutritional Values: Protein 22g  Calories 213 Carbohydrate 18.5g