March 2015


Hurling – Do you know the sliotar from the hurl?

Believed  to  be  one  of  the  oldest  field  games,  Hurling  has been an  iconic  Irish sport  for  over 2,000  years.Hugely  popular and exhilarating  to  watch,  crowds  of up  to  80,000  come together to watch  the  top  two  teams  battle  it  out  on  All-Ireland  final  day.   Described  as  “hockey  mixed  with  murder”  by  Hollywood hardman  Jason  Statham,  this  sport  sees  15  players  race  up and  down  the  pitch  with  a  hurl ( stick)  and  sliotar ( ball)  in  hand. Similar scoring system to Gaelic Football, players aim to drive the... Read More


Gaelic Football – A quick guide!

    With St. Patrick’s Day almost upon us  ( March 17th) and as an Irish owned company, we have decided to shed some light on the Irish sport that is Gaelic Football.   For the uninitiated this mix of rugby/soccer/basketball can be a confusing sight. This sport sees 15 players take to the pitch with goals resembling rugby posts, players can carry the ball no more than 4 steps before they must either, bounce it, pass it, or solo it ( playing the ball off your foot back to... Read More


Kinetica UK Sampling Days March 2015

We have lots of sampling dates across the UK this March , come along to a session for samples and advice !     Date Location Time 21/03/2015  GNC Bromley Bromley BR1 1DN 12:00 – 16:00 21/03/2015 GNC Guildford Guildford GU1 4YT 12:00 – 16:00 21/03/2015 GNC High Wycombe High Wycombe HP11 2HU 12:00 – 16:00


Kinetica Ireland Sampling Dates March 2015

The sampling sessions continue across Ireland this March. Check here for updates and more details & don’t forget to check Facebook and Twitter .   Date Location Time 19/03/2015 NutriCentre Tesco Extra Naas Co.Kildare   5pm-8pm