September 2014


Go sober for October (drink at the bar?)

  Consider this: consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages in just one night can affect your brain and physical activities for up to 3 days. We got together with Matt Lovell Elite Sports Nutritionist , currently working with England Rugby, Man City and Spurs, to get the facts on Alcohol and how it affects your body. Empty calories Alcohol has lots of calories (about 7 per gram), but your muscles are unfortunately not able to use these calories for fuel. Alcohol calories are not converted to glycogen, a form of stored carbohydrates, and... Read More


On the Road again with Ryan Mullen – An Post CRC Professional Cyclist

Currently taking part in the Tour of Britain 2014,  Ryan Mullen of the An Post CRC Cycling Team caught up with Kinetica. To be in with a chance of winning An Post CRC Team Jersey and a Kinetica water bottle click here .  Q1. How important is good nutrition in terms of fueling the body and keeping in optimum condition? I’ve found this year that nutrition is the next most important thing after training. I see myself as an engine, like a car, and the way I’ve come to look at it, you’re not... Read More